Friday Favorites | Kitchen Edition

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Hey Hey Friday and Hello WEEKEND! I am volunteering at my LAST Field Day today. Baby girl will be finished with middle school in a week and a half. :( 

Enough with the heavy...Let me share a few new kitchen items that I am LOVING. 

I have mentioned several times that I am cleaning out and organizing all the things. As I was cleaning out the kitchen, I thought we might could use a few upgrades and I got these DISHES! 

Y'all I LOVE them. 

I have mentioned several times that I am trying to grow my cast iron collection. I love cooking with cast iron and I don't mind "oiling" them after each use. 

Here is what I have so far....

I upgraded to this Ninja Air Fryer and LOVE it. I love how it can cook two different items at the same time. 

When my old coffee pot starting messing up, this is the one I upgraded to and it's AMAZING! 

and my final kitchen item is this AWESOME Espresso maker! Yes it is on the pricey side but when you use it everyday, it's worth it to us! 


So tell me what is one of your FAVORITE kitchen gadgets?? 

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