Our Week with Wine Tasting, Prom, and A Themed Dinner

 Hello Friends! Happy Wednesday! How is your week so far? Ours has been a BUSY one BUT ONE more week and we are OUT FOR SUMMER! Trust me, we are counting down the days! 

I am recapping last week and weekend! 

Monday, May 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Kids to School, Get myself ready. Then it was home to do all THE THINGS! Clean house, Laundry, Towels, Etsy Order, Schedule Order Pick Up, Start Etta, (my 2nd sourdough starter) Schedule junk pick up, Finish Wednesdays post, email all the dates we have an event to Ben and the Kids. 

Such a BUSY day and I took NO PICTURES! But I did have lunch with Talia. 

Tuesday, May 10th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Peloton, Get Ready, Kids to School, Work on Golf Booster Stuff, Then a lunch meeting with my church people for a new project that our church is starting. 

I didn't want to ride but I sure felt better after my ride. 

The rest of Tuesday was spent picking up Ella, more chores, dinner, showers, and bed. 

Wednesday, May 11th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Kids to school, then I came home and put together the bar cart for National Mimosa day and enjoyed one. It was for the blog so it was totally fine! HA 

I wasn't feeling great. My allergies were out of control and my eyes were very itchy and swollen so I really just chilled and read a good bit. 

Trixie loves to lay on my "pouf" and knock off my blanket. 

I picked up Ella and we headed to her facial appointment, picked up her Sonic and then came home to wait for the boys. Ben got home and Ian went to Kathryn's. 

We ate a quick bite and caught up on our shows. I looked over and saw this... 

LOOK AT HER PAW ON HER DADDY'S LEG! I can't even y'all! 

As our day was ending, this is how we were all feeling....

Who needs a bed! HA 

Thursday, May 12th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Get ready, Kids to School, and then ALL the things I didn't accomplish on Wednesday! HA 

I did weigh in at WW and...

I also took Daisy to get a nail trim, ran a few errands, then it was time to pick up Ella, fix her dinner, and then Ben and I headed to a Wine Tasting. 

This sparkling wine was really good.

After the wine tasting, we went to a place called Friends for some appetizers and more drinks. 

These mini cosmos were called The Heather 😉

Friday, May 13th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Get ready, Kids to school, and then it was time to volunteer for Ella's LAST FIELD DAY and Y'all I didn't take one picture :( 

After field day, I worked on a few things around the house. Ben played golf and then brought home MEXICAN! YUM! 

We watched a little TV and CRASHED! 

Saturday, May 14th- 

We were up early and headed to Legend's to look at a room to hold the golf banquet so while we were there we ate breakfast! 

After breakfast, Ben went to run a few errands while Ella and I went to pick up Kathryn's bouquet for Prom. 

When we got home, I watered my plant and look what I found in one of my ferns....

Those look like cigarette butts and we don't smoke. UGH Our neighbors do so maybe she got them from their yard. 

After resting for a few minutes, it was time to get Ian ready for PROM and headed to Athens for pictures. We are only about 30 minutes from downtown Athens. 

PROM 2022...

After we got these two off to dinner, We headed to dinner and then home to keep ourselves busy so we could stay awake till he got home. 

Ian got home right at midnight, told us they had fun, he even danced, picked up McDonald's on the way home, and was going to bed. HA 
At least we got a little bit of information. 

Sunday, May 15th- 

Ben's alarm went off at 4:30 AM for Him and Ian to head to Waycross, GA for Ian to represent his high school at the GHSA State Golf Tournament. They pulled out of the driveway at 5:45.He had a practice round at 12:30. 

Of course, I was awake then so I took advantage of the quiet time and caught up on reading, laundry, dishes, etc. 

Ella and I went to church, A Graduation party, and then all the shopping. 

When we got home, Ella sat us up a themed dinner- Under the Sea. We even watched The Little Mermaid because she knows Ariel is my FAVORITE Princess. But it makes no sense because I had going in the ocean or lake. Just give me a pool where no critters live! HA 

She even completed the night with CROWNS! 

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