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Hey Y'all! Happy Friday!! I hope everyone had a great week!! I am off to get a spray tan and my roots covered for Ben and I to head to Scottsdale next week for his Presidents Trip! I am so excited! 

It's been a few years since we have been on a plane so I thought it would be fun to share with y'all an updated travel list! 

My personal item is my LV Neverfull. It's a GREAT bag! 

Inside you will find...



Even before the C word, I wiped everything down to get rid of all the germs on an airplane. 

Portable Charger.

Ben bought this brand of charger years ago at the airport when we were like "oh crap, we need a charger" and it has been the BEST! so I grabbed one to have on hand with me. 


Essential Bag. (similar) 

I always have a small bag that includes Motrin, lipgloss, powder, small lotion, flosser, and Relyte. 

Socks. Y'all I can't stomach going through security in bare feet. It's just GROSS! These are my FAVORITE! 


Airpods. I am loving my new airpods and several new podcast. 

I guess it was 2019, I was diagnosed with a grass allergy which grass, barley, wheat, and corn all have the same genetic enzyme under a microscope so when the seasons change and my allergies are in full force. It's awful if I eat gluten. My body goes into attack mode. 

So back in 2019, I cut out all gluten and felt amazing. No stomach issues, etc. but as the C shut us down and all the baking, etc going on at our house I slowly let gluten back in my diet but NO MORE. It doesn't agree with me and its not worth the PAIN and I mean lots of stomach PAIN! 

I found this lady and her podcast and she is a new FAVORITE 

I will say it again. I DO NOT HAVE CELIAC. I have never been diagnosed with CELIAC. Nor do I understand nor have I ever felt all the symptoms of Celiac. I am just sharing my experience with a grass allergy and my sensitivity with gluten. 

Please make sure you do your own research!! Didn't mean to get heavy! 

I realize I got a little off track but I plan on listing to a several of her podcast while we are on our trip! 

So tell me, what is your travel ESSENTIAL??? 

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