Our Week with Apple Picking, Ninja, Ella's Birthday, and a LEARNERS Permit.

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday. How was your weekend?? I am recapping last week and this weekend!! 

Monday, October 10th- 

It's Ella Marie's BIRTHDAY!! It was coffee, Jesus, and then wake the girls up at 7:50 AM. The exact time my sweet girl was BORN! 

We got ready,  headed to breakfast, and to pick APPLES!! 

But first we fed the cows! 

I was just the driver, photographer, and... 

Apple carrier! 

We made our 2 hour drive home to make Carmel apples. 


Then it was dinner at Ninja Steakhouse...

We had to document that me and my bestie showed up to Ella's birthday dinner basically twinning! #greatminds 

We got home and CRASHED!! 

Tuesday, October 11th- 

Coffee, Jesus, the girls slept in while Ian headed to PGA Superstore and the par 3 course at Legends. Then he treated Kathryn to lunch while the girls were just waking up to eat cereal 😉

I had started cleaning and all the laundry. Got to a stopping point and went to my 1PM nail appointment. 

Came back to continue to clean and more laundry. 

Ella practiced for her learners permit and Ian went to Kathryn's volleyball game. I cooked Catalina chicken, green beans, and salad. 

Once Ian got home, we all went to bed. 

Wednesday, October 12th- 

We were up early to head to the DMV for this girl to get her LEARNERS! Y'all I can't....It hurts my mama heart that my babies are growing up!! 

She drove us home to get Ben's truck. 

Then we went to breakfast and then headed to The Avalon for a little bit of shopping!! Then we met the boys for lunch at Legends. 

The boys went to play golf while the girls headed home. By the afternoon, Ella's hives were out of control so she took a Benadryl and CRASHED. 

But look who drove us home...

Sweet girl....

Saw this and Y'all I was NO PREPARED emotionally for a post like this...

We ate dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and crashed. 

Thursday, October 13th- 

We enjoyed sleeping in and then Duke had a vet recheck. Ian took Kathryn to play golf while Ella was my chauffeur for all the ERRANDS! 

Ian had dinner at Kathryn's, Ben went to the course, and I made spaghetti for dinner. Once Ian got home, it was showers and bed! 

Friday, October 14th- 

Enjoyed a slow morning, then we went to lunch with Stephanie and Addison. We dropped them off at Meredith's house while Ella and I ran to her dr's appointment. Her hives are not getting any better so our first step is a steroid pack then go from there. 

Once her appointment was over, we went to Meredith's house to visit for a little while. 

We love sweet Wilkes. 

Friday afternoon the boys played golf. While the girls got home but then Ella went to hang out with Stephanie and Addison. 

I enjoyed a quiet evening alone until the boys got home. My stomach was feeling great so I chilled but I did fix the boys quesadillas for dinner. 

We crashed early. 

Saturday, October 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the course. Then I did all the things. Laundry, Clean Sweep, and work on the blog. 

I put on Taco Soup and got ready to watch our DAWGS! 

But let's not forget that it was NATIONAL PUG DAY! 

We took our football watching to the back deck. Y'all that VOLS/BAMA game was insane! 

Ian went to pick up the girls and then they went to a local golf course before heading to a Haunted Trail. 

They came back to the house to hang out for a little bit! 

Sunday, October 16th- 

Coffee and then met my mom for brunch at Legends. We rode out to watch the boys play a few holes before we headed home. 

When we got home, we did all the things to get ready for a busy week!! 

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