Our Week with 2 Area Tournaments, A Golf Match with Ian as the Coach, and Riding in the Golf Cart.

Happy Wednesday Y'all. How is your week going so far? Who is ready for weekend? 🖐I am recapping last week and weekend! 

Monday, April 17th- 

We were up early and headed to Apple Mountain golf resort for Ella's 1st high school area tournament. She teed off at 9am. 

It was so cold and windy. My hair was all over the place and I was wrapped in a blanket most of the day. 

Ella and Tristen waiting for their teammates to come in! Ella shot a 109. not bad for the conditions she was playing in and only her second 18 hole tournament! 

After the tournament, we went to Mexican for an early dinner and Ian was at Legends with Chris! 

We got home, took Ella to Young Life,  and pretty much crashed. 

Tuesday, April 18th- 

Coffee and Jesus! Ben and Ian headed to Apple Mountain for Ian's area tournament around 7:00am, Kathryn to our house around 8:00, Ella ended up missing school and joining us at Ian's area tournament. 

Ian teed off at 10:50. 

Ian's fan club. 

It was a much warmer day and the backs of my legs got FRIED! We went to Longhorns for an early dinner after the tournament then we headed home and Ben headed to the airport to go to Vegas for work. 

The kids and I got home and we pretty much crashed! It was an exhausting few days. 

Wednesday, April 19th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. Ride on the Peloton. Growers Outlet, clean sweep of the house, Publix, laundry, and started planting my pots. 

Ella had a match and Ian helped Coach the girls. 

The girls head coach from last year came to watch them play in there match. 

Addison, Laney Brook, and Stephanie came to support their Ella! 

With her daddy away on business her Bubs stepped up to play Coach! 

They love IAN! They said he was a great Coach. 

Coach Adams has been with Ian since 8th grade! 

These 2 lettered as Freshman. One in golf, One in basketball. 

Love their friendship. 

Taking those pictures lead me down the rabbit hole of finding these pictures....

Look at these sweet girls. 

Pretty sure Ella still looks at me most days like this...

Thursday, April 20th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ian took Ella to CFA and school. Then he came back home because it was senior skip day. 
I dropped the pups off to get groomed, then Ian met me at Quick Lane to get my car serviced, Then it was back home to do all the things, Leigh Anne picked up golf t-shirts, Ian went to pick up the pups for me, then we went to get my car, and a friend sent these pictures to Ian of Ella getting an award for the highest grade in PE. 😉 It was a student only program. 

I picked up Ella from school and then it was more things off the to-do list. I made chicken fajitas for dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and took a bath while the kids went to DQ! 

Friday, April 21st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, ride on the Peloton, laundry, work on emails, invitation to golf banquet, Ben arrived back home, pick up Ella, then Ben and I headed to the course while Ella went to the lake with friends. Ian was already at Legends. 

This drink was much needed after the craziness of the week. 

My boys and I had dinner at Legends, got home, showered, and went to bed. 

Saturday, April 22nd- 

My boys headed to back to the course. I enjoyed a slow morning of coffee and Jesus with the pups sleeping! 

I hopped on the Peloton for a quick ride. 

While Trixie enjoyed another nap. 😉

Then I met Susanne for lunch and margarita's at El Real. Holy Moly they were huge. 

I went to Old Navy after lunch and to Turtle Creek. Got home and just chilled for most of the rest of the day!! 

Sunday, April 23rd- 

Ian headed to Legend's while Ben and I headed to his US AM Tour tournament. Ella was still at the lake. 

Ben started warming up and I went to have breakfast and mimosas. 

Ben started his round and I get a call for Dixie. I couldn't answer so I shot her a text. Her sister decided not to go to the Taylor Swift concert so I bought the ticket for Ella. 

I continued to text with Dixie and pay for the ticket. All while trying to keep the secret from Ella and watch this guy! 

Ben finished with an 84 and then we went back out to watch Walt in a playoff. 

Our Walt ended up winning! 

Ben and I stopped for dinner and drinks on our way home. Both kids got home, I did a load of laundry, and y'all we CRASHED! We were exhausted. 

As you can see we have been very busy, I hope to keep up this little space of mine but I might have to take a few breaks! 

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