Our Week with All the Lunches, Packing for the Lake, and Ian's Signing

Happy Tuesday Friends! I am recapping the last week of March! Grab a cup of coffee or wine and read along...

Monday, March 27th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, Ride on the Peloton, Worked on all the things including going through old pictures of Ian for his senior video, ran a few errands, Lunch at The Oasis for a Core team meeting, Picked up Ella, cooked dinner, cleaned up, showered and bed. 

Tuesday, March 28th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, I headed to The Oasis for bible study and a lunch and learn. Ella came home early with Ian from school because she wasn't feeling great. Got home cooked dinner and then chilled. I love this view. 

After I cleaned up the kitchen, showers, and bed. 

Wednesday, March 29th- 

Coffee and Jesus, 25 minute ride on the Peloton, got ready, and worked on the computer/in the craft room before going to lunch with my mom, sister, and aunt. I picked up Ella at 2:04 and headed to the kids golf match at Legacy on Lake Lanier. Ian had gone to Legends after high school and then headed to the match. Ben met us all there. 

Ian shot a 39 and Ella shot a 61 on 9 holes. Wasn't her best round but she was in good spirits. 

We stopped at CFA for dinner, then home to shower and bed. 

Thursday, March 30th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Kids to school, 30 minute ride on the Peloton, then all the things. My brain is in overload with everything that needs to get done by mid-June! 😉

However, I did see this picture pop up on my FB memories. These 3 are still thick as thieves. 

I took a few pictures of my Easter touches. 

Thursday was a little crazy making sure to get everything done before the lake and Ian leaving for his cruise. 

Ben went to pick up the boat, Ella went to play pickle ball, and Ian went to Kathryn's sisters' house. 

Then we all CRASHED! 

Friday, March 31st- 

Coffee and Jesus, Kids to school, Ride on Peloton, Pick up groceries and stop by the ATM. When Ian got home from high school, him and I started packing him for his cruise with Kathryn. Then we were back at the High School for Ian's official signing of his commitment to LaGrange College. 

Y'all this poor kid. The AD kept referring to Ian attending Piedmont for college. He even gave all of Piedmonts stats, etc. I even corrected him at one point and he still kept on and on saying Piedmont. I was so mad for Ian but being the AMAZING kid that he is just took it and let it roll off his shoulders. He later came back and apologized to each of us for his mistake but it was already done. 😩 

Coach Adams. 

Kathryn loves her Ian. 

These 5 sure do play A LOT of golf together. 

The Smith's- Just missing Stephanie. They have came out to watch Ian play in several tournaments over the years!

Grammy and Chris! 2 of his biggest fans.

His #1 fans! Man we love this kid and SO proud of him! 

Ole Walt! 

Sweet Ella is going to be lost without her big brother in the fall. 

The Boswell's- Oh how much they love our Ian Michael. They have come to several of Ian's tournaments and if they are not there then they are always getting updates from Ben. I didn't mean to cut of Brett from this picture!! 

Some of his favorite teachers

Sweet Bailey! She gets the official recruitment title! I am so happy that she will be a Senior when Ian starts this fall. 

 After the signing, some of us went to dinner at Legends. Then Ben and I stopped by Turtle Creek for drinks for the lake. 
Then home to finish packing for our trips! I will recap Spring Break later this week! 

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