Our with Spring Break, Braves Home Opener, Easter, and The Masters

Happy Wednesday Y'all! I am finally getting back into the grove from being out of our routine for a week! So let me recap our week of fun! 

Saturday, April 1st- 

Up super early to drop Ian off at Kathryn's for them to head to Orlando. Then I got back home to get ready, last minute packing, loaded the truck, hooked up the boat, and headed to the lake to join The Boswells. We got to the lake around 10:30, unpacked, got the boat in the water, and went for a ride. 

Trixie went with us! Sometimes she seems to like it, other times I think its to much wind! HA 

Love our lazy lake days! 

Brett's new boat for college! 

Love sweet LuLu! 

We grilled burgers for dinner and enjoyed our first night at the lake. 

Sunday, April 2nd- 

Was popping a top at 1:20! 

Look at these sweet girls! Love them! 

We cooked a Low Country Boil for dinner then it was a sunset cruise. 

Sweet girls! 

Always a daddy's girl. 

We chilled for awhile and then crashed! 

Monday, April 3rd- 

It was the laziest of laziest days. We did a whole lot of NOTHING! We took naps, sat around and read, and wrapped up in blankets. The weather was cold and windy. 

Trixie really loved us all laying around. 

The girls made Easter treats. 

We cooked Mexican for dinner and called it a night. 

Tuesday, April 4th- 

We chilled, The boys went to play golf, Then Jud, Stephanie, Krista, and Carsyn rode over to visit for a little bit. Finally the sun came out and we chilled on the dock for a little bit before coming into cook dinner- Steaks, baked potatoes, and salad. After dinner, we all sat around and talked for a while! 

Love these 3! 

Wednesday, April 5th- 

Another slow morning, then Ben and Brett went fishing and look what ole Ben caught. 5.2 lbs! 

Then the kids got brave and finally tubed. 


Bailey and Ella. 

We ended up staying for an early dinner of jalapeƱo sausage and grilled chicken. Before getting on the road and heading home. We got home around 8:30, unpacked, and called it a night. 

Thursday, April 6th- 

Ben's Birthday. 

We were up early and ready to head to breakfast at Legends while Ella slept in. Then we got home, she got ready, and then we headed to pick up her friend Catherine and head to Truist Park. 

Great way to watch The Masters. 

Ran into Matt and Kayla. 

Friends since Kindergarten. 

These 2! love them. 

The girls got new jerseys. Next time I will not be wearing white pants. 

But look... they had the beloved golf drinking Transfusion drink available! Had to send a picture to Rob and Leigh Anne. 

Look who threw out the first pitch. 

Our Beloved Stetson Bennett. #godawgs

Braves WIN. On the way home, we stopped by the Waffle House. We got home around 12:30 AM. Way to late for this mom. HA 

Friday, April 7th- 

We slept in and then Ben headed to Legends and the girls slept in. While I got BUSY cleaning and getting life back in order. I was exhausted by the end of the day and felt like a little old lady. But I did manage to drop the girls off at the baseball game then picked Ella up after dropping off Easter eggs for a fundraiser. 
I did set up our table for Sunday. 

I ended up CRASHING after soaking in the tub because I was so exhausted and tired. 

Saturday, April 8th- 

We were up early and headed to my mom's for an Easter celebration. It was a cold and nasty day. 

This is the way we decorated eggs...

After a crazy morning/afternoon at my mom's we headed to Ben's aunts house for The Bramlett Easter. We had so much fun and I didn't even take one picture :( 

We got home, loved on our IAN because he finally got home from his cruise, chilled, and you guessed it! CRASHED 

Sunday, April 9th- 

Easter Morning

We went to the early service at church because the guys wanted to get home and watch The Masters. We enjoyed our Taste of Masters food. Sat around and watched golf, did a few things around the house, got ready for back to school and work and NOT ONE EASTER picture :( 

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