Happy Tuesday Y'all! I am continuing to recap CMA FEST!! So here is DAY 2! 

Friday, June 9th- 

We left around 10am this morning to head to Riverfront for....

Dylan Scott! 

Then we went to Kid Rock's Bar for lunch and to Fan Fair X for a little bit. Then to the Dr. Pepper Stage for... 

Tyler Farr. 

headed back to Riverfront Retreat to chill...

Before listening to Conner Smith. 

Back to the room, to regroup, eat, change, and head to Nissan Stadium. 

I sent Ben the picture of us on the bridge and he sent me this picture of him and Trixie! HA 

First Up, Tanya Tucker. 

Then Lainey Wilson, Y'all she is AMAZING! 

Lainey Wilson and Elle King. 

Elle King, Lainey Wilson, and Tanya Tucker. They had to do this song twice for the show next month!! 

The Amazing Cody Johnson! 

Cody Johnson and Reba 

Miranda Lambert. 

Charles Esten. Started off with a Deacon Clayborne shirt and changed into a KING KOOK shirt! OBX! 

JellyRoll was the Spotlight artist. 

Mr. Keith Urban. 


Walking across the pedestrian bridge at 1AM!! 


We got back to the room and CRASHED!! 

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