Our Week Unpacking, A New Chair, and Father's Day.

Happy Friday Friends! I am riding with Ben today while he plays in the Mens Club Championship this weekend! Ian is playing in it this year too so I will make sure to watch him some as well! Kathryn is riding with him. 

Monday, June 12th- 

Leigh Anne and I were up super early to get on the road home. I dropped Leigh Anne off at her house around 1:30. I went home, unloaded my car, and started unpacking and laundry! I made tacos for dinner and we called it a night. Bella came to stay with us while her family went to the beach. 

Tuesday, June 13th- 

Coffee and Jesus. I did a few more loads of laundry and then y'all I didn't MOVE. I was exhausted. It was like the craziness of the last few months just hit me like a ton of bricks. I napped on and off all day, read my book, took Ella to a friends house, and then finally crashed. 

I did do a little work in the craft room and this is pretty much how I felt.....

Wednesday, June 14th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and I got myself ready to pick up Ella and head to Publix. We had no groceries since we had all been out of town. 

I did a clean sweep of the house, worked on the blog, set up my planner for the next week, cooked chicken for dinner, showered, and bed. 

Thursday, June 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, got ready and headed to my weekly weigh in. I deleted all of my weigh ins that I did from home and just counting the ones I weigh in at WW. That is how I will share my weekly weigh ins now. 

After I weighed in, I ran home to grab Duke to take him to the vet for his yearly check up. His heart disease has gotten a little worse 😟 But he is a happy guy. 

By 2:30, we were waiting for Grammy to get to the house with our new to us chair. Colleen was cleaning out and organizing her storage unit and she offered me a chair that she knew that I LOVED. Trixie couldn't hold her eyes open waiting on Grammy. 

By 5:00, We had the hair all arranged in the corner and Trixie was loving the ottoman. 

and by 8PM, Trixie and I were back in the new chair and ottoman. 

After the kitchen was cleaned, I showered, and crashed! 

Friday, June 16th- 

Coffee, Jesus, got ready and ran all the errands. 

But look who was still loving the new ottoman and awesome UGG blanket that LA gave me. 

We grilled steaks for dinner and look who tried the new blanket out..... Kathryn. I told Leigh Anne I might as well go ahead and order her and Ella one. 

It was a lazy evening and it was great! Ella was at Laney Brooks. 

Duke was loving the chair!! 

Saturday, June 17th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and I enjoyed a quite, slow morning. Ella went to the lake with LB and her family, Boys went to the course. 

Stephanie sent me this picture of her and Ella when Ella made it to the lake house! 

Glad these girls were loving the lake. 

Saturday we spent the day at the pool. Then came home to an empty house and made sandwiches for dinner. 

We snuggled up on the couch for the evening. 

Sunday, June 18th- Father's Day 

Coffee, Jesus, Ben went to the course, Ian slept in, Ella was still at the lake. At 11:00, I went to Kirklands to buy my new table. I love how this little area has turned out. 


We were at Walt's 21st birthday party by 1pm. 

Can you see Ian on the slide?? 

We got home, Ella got home, and then we went to El Real for dinner to celebrate Father's Day! 

Duke was still loving the chair! I promise to stop sharing all the pictures of the chair and the pups! 

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