Ian's Graduation Party.

Happy Thursday Y'all! I am recapping Ian's graduation party today! I can't believe I have a high school graduate!  Like what the heck?!?!?! 

We held Ian's Graduation party on Sunday, May 21st at The Legends of Chateau Elan! His home away from home! 

Let's start with the decorations....

oh how I love these 2! 

Gotta love our Kathryn! 

Love my mama and sister! 

Ben's friends since Elementary school. 

My ride or dies! Love these TWO so much!! 

We had to get a picture of Ian with Nancy Panoz. Her and her husband founded Chateau Elan and she is in every picture he took with his guest! HA 

Myself, Ben, Matt, Talia, and Davy all graduated together! Plus Ben and Matt's mom! 

Our Boy sure is LOVED!! We are so thankful for each and every person that came to celebrate him!! 

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