Christmas Gift Guide for the Bourbon Drinker and Cigar Smoker in your Life.

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Hey Y'all! Happy Wednesday! It's another gift guide but this time for the bourbon drinker and/or Cigar Smoker in your life. 

Ben has most of these items or some type of these items. So let's get started. 

1. Every Cigar smoker must have a humidor. It's a must for cigars. You can buy them in all different sizes depending on how many cigars you will need to house. This one is a good one to start with. 

2. Another Must is a Cutter. Ben loves a "V" cut cutter. This one fits the bill. 

3. Let's move on to the lighter. Ben and Ian both love a "torch" type lighter like this one... You will also need butane. 

4. Cigar Bag. My guys do not like using a traditional cigar bag to hold their cigars. Ben uses an old bag for golf balls and tees and Ian uses a toiletry bag that he got for graduation. This one is similar. 


Let's move onto bourbon....

5. Decanter Set- Ben loves a glass set. He has won a few decanter sets from various golf tournaments. This one looks similar to a few that he loves. He also prefers to drink his bourbon out of a glass. 

6. Cigar Glass- This is also a fun glass. Ben has it and has used it a few time. 

7. Wooden Ashtray- Well this one is a mix between the cigar and bourbon but an ashtray is also a must. This one looks great. Ben has collected ashtrays from various cigar events, etc. If you are looking for a simple ashtray this one fits the bill.

If Ben is drinking bourbon then more than likely he is also having a cigar. 

8. Bourbon Ice Ball- These huge ice balls are very popular right now but Ben HATES them. He hates that they touch his nose or teeth. He likes to be able to "shake" his ice around. But if your bourbon drinker likes the big ice ball then this mold is perfect. 

9.  Cocktail Smoker Kit- I have mentioned several times that when Ben and I go to Latin Flavors, I love to get the espresso martini and he loves to get his smoked drink. Well we are working on perfecting those drinks at home and this looks like a great kit to start with. 

10. Funny Golf Decanters and Glasses- These look like something Ben's sales team would give him for Christmas or his birthday. 

Golf Ball Decanter- 

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