Our Week with Oh My Gosh All I Do Now is Take Pictures of the Dogs.

 Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I am recapping last week and I must warn you it's a lot of pictures of the dogs! HA 

Monday, November 6th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Ella off to school, then I CLEANED all day. I cleaned the whole house including the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer and so much more. 
Ella got home from school, rested, and then headed to YL. I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the night. When Ella got home, I crashed. 

I looked in Ella's room around 11:00 AM and look what I saw.... 3 dogs comfy in her room. 

I get this look often from Trixie. 

Tuesday, November 7th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella spent the night at Addison's because today was a digital day. She got home early and we headed to breakfast with my mom, sister, and aunt. 

I love my coffee view this time of year. 

After breakfast, Ella and I headed to the Mall of Georgia for a few things. When we got home, she headed to play golf with a few friends. I worked in the craft room and this was what was right beside me....

Ben got home, we ate dinner, and sat on the back deck listening to music and updating our calendars. So romantic y'all! HA 

Ella got home, ate dinner, showered, homework, and cleaned her room. 

Wednesday, November 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella off to school, I enjoyed a slow morning, then went to my eye brow consultation. I need a touch up! Got that touch up appointment scheduled. Got home got everything ready for our golf parent meeting. Met Ben there and then him and I went to dinner at Friends while Ella went to campaigners. 

My sister sent me this picture earlier in the day and it cracked me up. Look at my cheesy smile. 

In case y'all need to know what the dogs do all day.... They are just miserable. 

Thursday, November 9th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school. I ran to Publix, prepped for my events, finished cleaning Ian's room, laundry, and 2 blog post. 

We lost Sweet LuLu. Y'all have seen her in all of our pictures when we go to the lake with The Boswell's. She would have been 14 in December. We loved her like our own and she will be greatly missed.  She was the best dog ever. 

Oh how she loved the lake.  The feeling is very mutual. 

While I was working in my craft room, this was going on behind me. 

Sweet Bella. 

I made chicken alfredo for dinner and we all waited for Ian to get home. Once he was home and we were all settled in, we crashed. 

Friday, November 10th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school, I headed to my nail appointment at 10:00 AM, Ian headed to the golf course, Ben eventually met him there. Ella went to LB's after school and when she got home, got ready, and headed to the basketball game while Ben and I went to Latin Flavors for dinner. You know we had to order our favorite drinks after dinner. 

Espresso Martini for me. 

Ben got his favorite smoked drink that basically taste like a campfire. I have no idea what it's called. 

We got home, Ella spent the night with Addison, and Ian and Kathryn chilled at the house while we were out for dinner. 

Saturday, November 11th- Happy Veteran's Day 

Coffee and Jesus. Then I got ready to head out shopping with LA for a couple of Christmas Open Houses. We even got to see Santa. 

We were watching the Georgia game and Bella made herself comfortable behind Ian. 

How about them DAWGS!! 

After the game, we pretty much all crashed. I had been sneezing all day so at the beginning of the 4th quarter I took a benadryl so when the game was over, so was I. 

Sunday, November 12th- 

We woke up to one of the smoke detectors going off, tried changing the battery that didn't work, so Ian ran to Publix to buy a new battery incase that 9volt was old or dead. He got home, changed the battery again, nope it was still chirping. I googled on how to reset it, that didn't work so the boys headed to Home Depot to buy a new smoke detector. Ben was also dealing with a gout flare up! 

I enjoyed my coffee with an ignoring chirp. HA 

The boys got home, got the new smoke detector installed, and then started laughing. They sent me outside. They bought a gaudy snowman and Santa Claus. Then Ian ran to Ben's truck and pulled out all new COLORED lights for the outside. They know how much I HATE colored Christmas lights. But I caved this year and we now have colored Christmas lights outside. 😝 We worked most of the day on the lights. Ian headed back to school around 12. 

I worked on some blog post, did laundry, Ben watched the Falcons game, and Ella went to church with friends along with going out to lunch. She napped, cleaned up her room, and got ready for a new week. 

I thawed out some chicken stew for dinner. Oh Ben went to Home Depot 3 times for different stuff and the last trip Ella went with him for a trip to Old Navy too!!! 

Here is what our house looks like outside at night right now. 

I hope y'all have a day!! 

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