2024 Goals & One Little Word

Happy Wednesday Y'all! I am sharing my 2024 Goals and my One Little Word for the year. I have to admit, last year I typed this post and I don't believe I ever looked at my goals again and it shows. I didn't accomplish many goals in 2023. This year I plan to print them and hang them above my computer so I see them often. 

2024 Goals... I am not setting a lot of goals for each category so that way I can break down these goals/categories in my monthly goals.  


1. Get Healthy.  I have always set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight. I do want to lose weight to feel better but I don't want to put a "number" on the amount of weight I want to lose. I just want to get healthier in 2024. I want to eat better and I want to move more. I am using WW to help me track my food and weight. I told Leigh Anne that my motto for 2024 is to not eat like an A$$hole! 😜

2. Read 55 Books. I love a good challenge. Follow me on Goodreads.  I read 54 books last year. 

3. Work on Home Improvement List. I have worked on putting together a list of what we need to update, what we need to clean out, and what we need to organize! 😝 This will always be on my yearly goals list! When you have lived in the same house for 20 years eventually you have a long list of updates and stuff to go through. 

4. Read the Bible. Back in 2020, I read through the Bible using the Bible Recap with Tara Lee Cobble and I am excited to do it again this year. 


1. Vacation. We love getting away together and I hope this year we can sneak in a few getaways. 

2. Ian- Finish his first year of college and begin his sophomore year.

3. Ella- Finish her sophomore year of high school and begin her junior year. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Share Meal Plan/Prep Ideas. Part of my plan to get healthy this year is to get back to meal planning and prepping to help me be more successful. 

2. Share DIY's. I love a good DIY and I hope share a few on the blog this year. 

3. Continue Recaps. Y'all know I love using this space as a "scrapbook" and usually my weekly recaps are my most viewed post. 

4. Celebrate 8 years of blogging. I can't believe I have been sharing in this little space for 8 years. 

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Add Party Items to the Shop. I would love to add items like cupcake picks, cake toppers, plastic cups for parties, maybe banners, wine bottle bags, beer can glasses. What do y'all think??  If I need a few testers, who would be willing to participate?? 

Make sure to check out my monthly goals each month. I will have January's goals up on Friday! 

My ONE LITTLE WORD for 2024....

C O N S I S T E N T.  

consistent (adjective)
  1. acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate:
    "the parents are being consistent and firm in their reactions" · "a consistent worldwide application of its policies"
    • unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time:
      "he is their most consistent player this season" · "the mixtures are of consistent quality"

I think the biggest part of me not being very successful in the past years with my goals whether monthly or yearly is because I am not great at being CONSISTENT. I start off strong, get discouraged, and just stop. I also never have a goal "check" monthly or yearly so I hope to incorporate those checks this year. 

What do you hope to accomplish this year?? 


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