Top 5 Comforts in My Life.

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday!! Ben and I got home from a long weekend away in St. Simons, GA yesterday and I am ready to get back into a routine. I believe it was Shay's blog that I read where she shared her comforts in life and I thought it would be fun to do the same. Especially this time of year when it is so cold outside. 

1. Morning Routine. Y'all know that I love my morning routine of coffee and Jesus so much. It's brings me great comfort any time of the year. I love that I have added reading the bible again this year.  This quiet time to myself really helps set the tone for my day. 

2. Burn Candles. Once I get in the kitchen each morning, to make Ella's lunch, fed the dogs, etc. If I am not going anywhere immediately I light a candle. It just makes everything so much cozier. 

3. Cozy under a Blanket. Ben and the kids giggle at me because no matter the temperature outside if I am sitting on the couch or in my quiet time chair, I am under a blanket. Leigh Anne gave me this one for our girls gift this past CMA FEST trip and it is AMAZING! 

4. Make Soup. Y'all know I love a good homemade soup. I have shared several recipes in the past and you can see them here. 

5. Wear Slippers. If you have been around a hot minute then you know that I love my slippers. I have owned several pair and some that I have worn so much that I eventually had to throw away. This is my current favorite pair and I usually never want to take them off! 

What is one of your favorite comforts in life???

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