Our Week with My Birthday, Helping Tonya, Duke's Birthday, and Winterfest.

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Hey Y'all! Happy Wednesday! I was hoping to have our weekly recap up yesterday but that just didn't happen. 😜 I hope your week is going well. 

Now let's see what kind of week and weekend we had...

Monday, January 8th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella back to school. I had a 10am hair appointment. I was thinking of Ben and I's anniversary trip back in September and sported my Old Edwards sweatshirt. 

When I got home-I worked around the house and worked on several blog post. I fixed Ella and I dinner while Ben went to Frankie's for drinks with a few co-workers. 

Ella got a new comforter for Christmas so I washed her old one and made the mistake of laying it on the craft room floor and look who was happy to lay on it. 

Tuesday, January 9th- My Birthday. 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella went to school. I got ready and headed to The Spa at Chateau for a pedicure. 

Then I headed to have lunch with Ben. I got home and chilled before we headed to dinner with Rob and Leigh Anne. 

The day started with horrible weather and lots of rain. My sister has a creek that runs behind her house and around this time last year it came up in her backyard. Unfortunately, this year it flooded her basement. Her and my brother-in-law were currently living in the basement of my nephew and his wife's house so their living area was destroyed. 

Wednesday, January 10th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella went to school and I got ready to head to help my sister.  But look who else was loving the comforter. 

We got to there house and this is what it looked like. They got up as much as the could before they had to leave the night before. I'm not sure if y'all remember but my brother in law has a terminal brain tumor so this was just another hardship for my sister. It was a very emotional day.  

We got a lot done. I got home around 6PM with CFA for Ella and I. Ben had a work function. I was EXHAUSTED. 

Wednesday, January 11- Duke's Birthday. 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella got off to school and then I did a few things around the house, got ready, and headed by to my sisters to help her. 

I left her house around 4PM, stopped by Target, got home, warmed up dinner, celebrated our favorite 11 year old pup, Ella headed to church. Ben got home and when Ella got home from church we all pretty much crashed. 

Happy Birthday Duke! We love you so much. 

Friday, January 12th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school. I enjoyed a slow morning and then got ready to head to the nail salon. 

Ran home, dropped off a note at the school for Ella to check out, then headed to Chateau Elan Winery for lunch with Talia to celebrate my birthday!! 

We enjoyed a bottle of wine and a charcuterie board. Love this girl! 

Ian got home for the long weekend, Ben and Ella headed to the basketball game, and Trixie and I curled up on the couch and chilled for the rest of the night! 

Saturday, January 13th- Colleen's 70th Birthday. 

Coffee and Jesus. Ben headed to the golf course, Ian slept in, and Ella was at Laney Brook's. I did several things around the house, Ben got home, Ian headed to the course, and we ordered CFA for lunch. I got a spray tan and then around 3PM I got ready for Ben and I head to drinks with a few of his sales reps before Winterfest. We got to Marlow's around 4:45. 

Love sweet Carly. 

and we love Nikki, too! 

They had a photobooth there and this is the only picture I got of Ben and I....

Ben and I got home close to midnight, got ready for bed, and CRASHED! 

Sunday, January 14th- 

We slept in, Ella got home around 9AM. Ben headed to play in a golf tournament. Ella and I headed to church for the 11:15 service. We went to lunch with some friends, I went to wash my car, Then we got ready and picked up Grammy and Chris around 5:15 to head to NY Prime to celebrate Grammy's birthday. I can't believe I didn't take a picture. 😩

We got home close to 9 and then Ella went over to Addison's because they were going to go decorate LB's yard for her 16th birthday on Monday. Ella got home around 11:45. I stayed up for her to get home and pretty much crawled into bed! HA 

Cheers to another week. 

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