Our Week with Golf Matches, Appointments, and St. Simons

Hey Y'all! Happy Thursday. I know I don't normally post on a Thursday but I wanted to stay on top of my weekly recaps. 

Monday, March 18th- 

Ben to the office. I took care of the pups then settled into my chair for coffee and Jesus time. I made a few phones calls, made a few appointments, and did some computer work. The garage door repair guy got to the house to install Ben's new garage door opener. Once he was finished, I got ready and got everything together to head to Ella's golf match almost an hour away. 

But before the match look at this sweet girl enjoying my time at the computer. 

Ella's golf match at Ashton Hills. 

After the match, we went to Huey Magoo's for dinner. We got home, showered, and crashed. 

Tuesday, March 19th- 

Ben to the office, I got up, took care of the pups, then settled in for coffee and Jesus. I got ready and headed to visit my sister and brother in law. Had a nail appointment at 1pm. Went to Ella's golf match at 4pm. Ben, Ella, and I went to Friends for dinner. Home to shower and crash. 

But look who we got to love on at the golf match. Beau. 

Y'all know Ella and I are dying for a frenchie!! 

I made sure to love on Trixie when I got home.  :) 

Wednesday, March 20th- 

Ben to the office, I got up, took care of the pups, coffee and Jesus. Ella to school and I took the pups to the groomer. 

Look how handsome Duke looks after the groomers. 

After the groomers, Trixie had her annual vet appointment. The new vet said she needs to lose a pound or two :(  plus she got shots. 

She was not a happy girl. 

She wanted into the bed as soon as we got home. 

and curled up in my pillows. Bless her heart. 

The rest of the afternoon, I did laundry, graphics, worked on golf tournament and banquet stuff. I heated up leftovers for dinner. Showered and crashed. 

Thursday, March 21st- 

Ben to the office, I got up, took care of the pups, coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. I got ready and headed to PT for pelvic floor therapy. 

After PT, I headed to my hair appointment, got home, fixed my hair, and headed to Ella's golf match. 

She had a few visitors.... 

Brett, Leigh Anne, and Rob! They love our Ella Bella!! 

Coach Lehners pup Jasper came to the match!! 

After her match we went to Senor Tequila with The Boswells. Once we got home and I finished a few things to start Friday off on the right foot and look at the pictures I found on my phone!! 

Gosh I love this girl. 

Friday, March 22nd- 

Ben to the office, I got up, took care of the pups, coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. She had to take 2 test and then when she got home we headed to St. Simons to see Ian. But first, I packed and headed to see my sister and Stacey. 

We got to St. Simons around 8:30, got checked in, unpacked, showered, and crashed. 

Chris stayed at our house with the pups and he sent me this picture....

Saturday, March 23rd- 

Our alarms were going off at 5:30. We got ready, went to breakfast at Waffle House, and then headed to King and Prince to watch our favorite guy for his second round of the tournament. 

I just love all the spanish moss. 

Love this sweet boy of mine. 

I think Ian had a special visitor from heaven following him. 


So beautiful. 

All the wildlife. 

Not sure if you can see it but we saw a few deer run through the marsh and you could hear their hoofs sink in the water. 

After Ian's round, Kathryn and I dropped Ella and Ben off at Sea Island to play golf while her and I went to lunch and shopped off Kings street. Then we headed back to the resort to lay by the pool. It started to rain so Kathryn headed up for a nap and I  headed to the bar to wait to go back and pick up Ben and Ella. Once I picked them up, I showered and we got ready to take the team out for dinner at Crab Trap. It was delicious. 

We got back to the room and Ben and I were ready to crash while the girls walked down the beach to see Ian again. Then they came back, told us good night, and we all crashed. 

Sunday, March 24th- 

Our alarms went off at 5:30 am AGAIN. We got ready, went back to waffle house for breakfast, and headed to Jekyll Island for Ian's 3rd round of his tournament. The weather SUCKED. It was cold and windy with NO SUN. 

I snapped this picture and then stayed under the blanket for the rest of the round. 

Ian's team got finished around 1:30 and we were on the road home shortly after that. We got home a little after 7PM. We unpacked the car, I headed to Publix, got home, unloaded groceries, unpacked, started laundry, started dog food, unpacked groceries, started coffee for Monday morning, and finally crashed on the couch waiting for Ian to get home because he rode back to LaGrange with his team, loaded up his truck, and drive home since it was the start of his Spring Break. 

Ian finished the tournament tied for 44th out of 150 players as an individual. Was 11 over with a 79-74-72 for the 3 days of the tournament. LaGrange ended up in 23rd out of 30 teams as a team. 

Cheers to a new week that begins with another golf tournament. 

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