Our Week Celebrating the 4th of July and Losing Granddaddy

Happy Friday Friends! I am still trying to catch up on recapping the past few weeks so I am not sharing my normal Friday Favorites. I am recapping July 4th-July 12th. 

Wednesday I shared part of our lake trip. Luckily, Ben came back to the lake Saturday (July 4th) afternoon with the pups. 

Saturday, July 4th- 

Love these girls and all their red, white, and blue. 

Finally Ben was back and all was right in my world. We were both worried about his dad but I would much rather worry with him in my sight.

Right before he got back the belt broke in our boat. When it rains it pours, I tell ya. We did take out the pontoon boat. We found a cove and just enjoyed chillin'

Charlie and Bailey

I love my LeLe. 

Rob and Leigh Anne. 

To celebrate the 4th we had a Low Country Boil for dinner. 

Then we took the pontoon back out to find more fireworks. LuLu loves her uncle Ben. 

Sunday, July 5th- 

We got up early, headed home from the lake, and my guys and Brett went to the golf course while Ella and I met Grammy and Kim at the pool. 

Monday, July 6th- 

We hung out at Grammy's waiting by the phone to hear an update on Mike. He was scheduled for a heart cath but that didn't go as planned. 

Tuesday, July 7th- 

I picked up pizza and we all met at Grammy's to wait for the doctor to call about grandaddy and his bypass surgery. Unfortunately, he didn't make it through the surgery. Colleen, Ben, and Chris were able to go to the hospital when they turned off all the machines. Congestive Heart Failure is a silent killer and a thief. We miss grandaddy so much every day. We have good moments and then the next we are crying. 

The rest of Tuesday I think we were all in shock. Colleen came to our house to spend the night. Leigh Anne was kind enough to bring us dinner. Stephanie, Jud, and the kids stopped by to hug our necks. 

When Chris got home from the hospital, he sent us this picture. Mike was letting us know that he made it home. 

Wednesday, July 8th- 

We spent the day making phone calls and planning Mike's memorial service. It was a mentally exhausting day. 

Sweet Bailey and Brett brought us some of our favorite goodies and me these beautiful flowers. They were also kind enough to take my kids out to lunch. 

To try and cheer us all up and to make us laugh Ella did this to the toilet.....

She is a funny girl! 

Thursday, July 9th- 

Ella and I ran all the errands and we cleaned house because we were going to invite friends and family over Saturday after the service to share Mike stories. 

Sweet Talia and Ryan picked up our favorite mexican food and brought us dinner. Michelle and Shannon dropped off all the paper products and chips and dips for Saturday evening. 

Y'all I truly have the BEST friends. 

Friday, July 10th- 

We spent most of the morning/afternoon going through bins of pictures to have playing during the memorial service on Saturday. 

Just look at a few of these...

Grandaddy and Trigger were taking selfies before selfies were cool. 🤣

Who do you think this looks like??? 

Saturday, July 11th-

It was the memorial service to celebrate the life of Mike. It was very simple service. Just the way Mike would have wanted it. After the service, we had a house full of people telling all the Mike stories we could remember and y'all I didn't take one picture.  Friends and Family brought all kinds of food and the last guest left at 10:30PM. 

Sunday, July 12th- 

My gang met Colleen, Chris, and Kim at Legend's for lunch and to play golf. 

We had a really great day all being together on the course after the week we had. 

Cheers to a great weekend. I will see you back Monday to recap July 13th-19th. 


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