Summer Bucket List

Happy Wednesday Friends!! How is your week going so far?? Are you officially on Summer Break? We are two weeks in and loving life. Today I am going to share our SUMMER BUCKET LIST...

It's going to be pretty similar to all of our other Summer Bucket Lists but I will add a few new items. 

This list is going to be a mixture of family and individuals of our family...

1. Go Blueberry or Blackberry Picking.
We have a few local places that we can go. Nothing better than some fresh fruit. 

2. Watch a Movie Outside.

We love blowing up our big screen to watch movies outside. It's just hard to find one that we all want to watch. 

3. Make S'mores.

I love S'mores but my kids only like the marshmallows. 

4. Go to the Lake as many times as possible.

Y'all know how much we love going to the lake. We already have plans to be there for the 4th of July. 

5. Go to the Pool as many times as possible. 

I could live at the pool. 

6. Play Golf as many times as possible. 

Have you ever met a family that plays more golf than mine?? HA If you can't find us at the lake or pool you will surely find us at the golf course! 

7. Read several books.

For some reason, I have been struggling with reading lately but I hope to change that soon. My goals is to read 60 books this year and right now I am 4 books behind schedule. EEK 

8. Go Antique Shopping.

We use to go antique shopping a lot with Grammy but we haven't in a while. I hope to change that this summer. 

9. Go on a GIRLS Trip.

Leigh Anne and I took Bailey and Ella on their first girls trip last summer and we have already started talking about one this summer. 

10. Have a Photoshoot.

Ella and I had a blast taking pictures in our skirts last year so I hope we can have fun shooting new outfits this summer. 

11. Make Homemade Ice Cream or Popsicles. 

We love ice cream and popsicles in the summer. Plus it's fun to experiment when you make your own. 

12. Go on a Road Trip.

Maybe we can make this one happen on our girls trip or maybe just ride up to the mountains for the afternoon. 

13. Attend my Nephew's Wedding. 

It's happening this weekend. We are so excited. 

14. Finish a few House Projects.

This one may get pushed back to the fall. The price of home improvement supplies are really expensive right now. 

15. Host a spend the night party. 

Ella and a few friends have already started planning a 3 night slumber party rotation! HA 

16. Watch Fireworks.

We love a good firework show on the 4th of July. 

17. Intentionally Celebrate Different Friends.

It's always fun to leave a few gifts at a friends house. 

18. Play Games Outside.

The kids are loving blowing up water balloons for water balloon fights so I need to find a few more outdoor games to play. 

19. Visit my Grandmother.

We are now allowed to make scheduled visits to go see her and I am so excited. 

20. Go to a Farmers Market.

Every Saturday morning, our town has a local farmers market and it is so fun to attend. 

21. Have a Pajama Day.

Sometimes you just need a lazy day. 

22. Have a Movie/NetFlix Marathon. 

While wearing our pajamas. 

23. Go to the Beach.

We can already check this one off the list. We went last week and I will recap next week. 

24. Watch Ben and Ian play in the Men's Club Championship. 

This event is the end of the month and we loving going on Sunday to watch them come in. 

25. Go Scalloping with The Boswell's. 

We have this trip planned the end of July. They went last year and had a blast so we are tagging along with them this year. 

26. Celebrate all the Red, White, and Blue. 

It's an All American Summer for this gang. 

27. Go to a Braves Game. 

The new stadium and the battery area is so cool. We went in April and had so much fun. We would love to go to another one. 

28. Explore our Hometown. 

Our town has so many cool new restaurants and shops plus a new amphitheater that is so cool. 

29. Enjoy a few Date Nights. 

We love a good date night. We are due for one soon. 

30. Go on a Hike. 

Maybe we can do this one on our road trip to the North GA Mountains. 

What is on your Summer Bucket List??

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