Our Week with All the Home Improvements and The Bulldawgs

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope y'all had a great Labor Day Weekend. It was so good to see college football on TV! I am recapping our week and weekend. I will add the normal Hello Monday link up below!! 

Monday, August 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I went to workout and then pick out a stain color for our deck. 

I went with...Banyan Brown. 

I meal prepped on Sunday and this chicken fajita bowl was AMAZING! 

After all the things, I ended on the couch reading with this sweet girl. Y'all I love her. 

We crashed into bed. 

Tuesday, August 31st- 

Coffee and Jesus. Kids to School and then all the things! Publix and Home Depot. When I got home, I watered my plants on the front porch, worked on blog post, did laundry, paid a bill, have the deck cleaned, started photographing items and listing items from Pinners. 

Then it was time to pick up Ella. Tacos for dinner, showers, and bed. 

Wednesday, September 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, I went to workout. I had a 10:30 appointment to get my hair done. Then look who I had lunch with. My sweet Leigh Anne and Brett. 

I came home to work in the craft room, then ran Zaxby's to Ella because she was starting after school to video the 8th grade football game. 

Ben and I  enjoyed a drink on the front porch. Ben ran and grabbed Ella from the middle school, while I folded a load of laundry. Then it was back to the front porch. 

We crashed into bed. 

Thursday, September 2nd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Kids to school. I had the carpet cleaning guy coming at 9am. I cleaned house, washed the windows on the main level, made bread, and my grocery list. 

That afternoon, the guy came and stained the deck. Y'all I love it. 

I picked up Ella, homework, dinner, showers, and bed. 

But look who came to stay with us for the long weekend. 

and look where she was at 10:20 at night! HA 

Friday, September 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, and I went to workout. The kids were off of school. Ian brought Ella to meet me at the nail salon. 

But look who joined me during my quiet time...

After the nail salon, Ella and I meet the boys at the golf course for lunch. They went to play golf while I ran all the errands.

I enjoyed  a Snickers blast and refused to feel guilty about it. 

When Ben and Ella got home, (Ian went to Kathryn's) we put the deck back together. Then just chilled until we crashed into bed. 

Saturday, September 4th- 

Coffee and Jesus. My boys headed to the course while I enjoyed a slow morning before finishing setting up for people to come over to watch football. 

It needed to be documented that I was still awake and functioning by the end of the game. HA 

After I cleaned up the kitchen, Ben and I literally fell into bed. Ian took Kathryn home and Ella spent the night with her.

Sunday, September 5th- 

My guys went to pick up Ella at Kathryn's so they could all play golf.  I enjoyed my slow morning ALL ALONE. 

I had to run and grab a few things from Publix and then I got myself ready for Ben and I to head to Great Waters to meet The Boswell's for a concert. 

We listened to a few up and coming artist but our FAVORITE was Anslee Davidson. She has a single releasing on September 17th. Y'all she is PRECIOUS and everyone needs to go follow her and preorder her new single on Spotify. 

Then it was time for Mr. Rhett Akins. 

It was an amazing concert. We had a great evening. We got home a little after midnight and again CRASHED into bed. 

I will recap Labor Day next week. 

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