Ornament Exchange and Wine Tasting

Hey Y'all. I know I don't normally post on a Tuesday but last week we had a few parties/events and it would be a whole lot of pictures for one post so I am breaking them up into a few post. 

I am sharing my now annual Ornament Exchange and Wine Tasting... 

When the girls showed up this is what the table looked like...

I picked up this wine tasting kit last year in the Target Hot Spot area. But here is a similar kit. 

Cute Cocktail Napkins from Home Goods. 

These sheets came from last years kit and I can't find it this year. 

Along with the mini tasting glasses. These are similar. 

A close up of my Charcuterie Board. 


After tasting the 6 wines and the Poinsettia, we moved into the living room for the ornament exchange. 

Look the Grinch aka Stephanie, received the perfect ornament. Y'all she hates Christmas music. Do I need to say anymore?!?!?!!? 

After everyone was gone and it was time to clean up the kitchen... the next two pictures made my heart SO HAPPY! 
I love serving my people and making a board and a cocktail for them to enjoy made my heart BURST! 

I love the opportunity to clean my kitchen all by myself after a party because it gives me the opportunity to pray over everyone who just entered it. 

Love y'all. 

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