Our Week with going back to WW, Reading in the Eno, and all the Pets.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!! How is your week going?? I hope GREAT! I am recapping last week and weekend! 

Monday, April 25th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Kids to school, get myself together. Then I went grocery shopping, laundry, water my plants, All the Things. 

I did have a cute visitor. 

Picked up Ella, and we enjoyed the afternoon at home, diner, and pm routine. 

Tuesday, April 26th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Get ready, and kid to school. Then I ran to Sam's to buy stuff for The Battle of Barrow golf match (which is today). Then I went back to WW y'all. I know y'all must be sick of my health and wellness journey. WW works for me and I am excited to learn their new program. 

I wore this lightweight dress to weight in. I love it. 

I had this amazing buffalo chicken salad for lunch. It was 2 PP and I actually earned 2 points for the veggies. 

I am excited to use this template to track my weight loss Ashley. 

I got this dish from Pottery Barn and I can't wait to use it for all the 'Merica stuff this summer. 

If you saw my Prime Post yesterday, then you know this girl has had her nose stuck in a book and this is where she has been reading. The weather has been amazing here. 

Later that evening, Ella cleaned Daisy's cage and guess who got to babysit. ✋

It was dinner, showers, and bed. 

Wednesday, April 27th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Kids to school, Got myself ready, and headed to volunteer at church with Serving through Sewing. 

I sent this picture to Ella. Every morning when I get back from taking Ella to school, Trixie always has her nose or head on Ella's slippers. I guess she just misses her so much. Just 2 more weeks till summer break. 

I love that I have the Verse of the Day pop up on my phone at 10:30 everyday. 

I met Leigh Anne for lunch. 

Then I came home to pick up and headed to pick up Ella. Ian, Kathryn, and I went to get Ian fitted for his tux for prom. 

Then it was home to finish picking up, cook dinner, showers, and bed. 

Thursday, April 28th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Get ready, Kids to school, Then I had a hair appointment at 9am. Ran by the ATM, grabbed lunch, Browned ground beef for tacos, put that in the crockpot, Picked up Ella, dropped her off, fed the dogs, and headed back to Ella's school for 8th grade sign pick up. 

I got home around 6:40, the boys were still at the golf course. So Ella and I ate and then they ate when they got home. Ian wanted chicken quesadillas too so this was Trixie watching him making his dinner. 

Cleaned up the kitchen, showers, and bed. 

Friday, April 29th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Get ready, Kids to School, and then I came back to load up my car to set up for a vendor event on Saturday, Set up my table, then headed to Ella's school to help for her Walk-A-Thon. 

After that, I ran a few errands, headed home, ate lunch, and them back to pick up Ella. She quickly changed and packed a bag. 
We went to see these sweet girls head off to their 8th grade dance. 

They are filming another movie in our little town with John Travolta so it has been fun to see them working around town. 

After dinner, Ella went with Stephanie to drop the girls off at the dance and then hung out with her until they picked her up and went to Addison's basketball game. All the girls spent the night at Laney Brook's. 

I went home and enjoyed some wine while I waited for my guys to get home from the golf course. 

Then it was a shower and early to bed for me. 

Saturday, April 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, my guys headed to the course, while I headed to a vendor event at London Grace Boutique. 

I got home around 5 and Ben and I watched a few more episodes of Flight Attendant. Then the kids wanted Ben to come outside and play cornhole with them while I watched. 

Ian took Kathryn home and then we crashed. 

Sunday, May 1st- 

Coffee and Jesus. My guys headed to the course and I headed to the grocery store. Ella and I skipped church this week. 
Ella and I headed to Target and picked up lunch and then I CLEANED. I grilled chicken for fajitas and a few extra pieces for my lunches. 
I finished cleaning, took the trash to the road, showered, and Ben and I watched another episode of Flight Attendant and then I CRASHED and I CRASHED hard. 

Cheers y'all! 


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