Ella- Homecoming 2023 Part 1

 Hey Y'all! Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is off to a great start! I am recapping Ella's first homecoming of the season 😉 She wanted to go to Laney Brooks and Addison's homecoming because they go to a different high school so those 3 girls made it happen. 

We got to Laney Brooks around 1:30 for the girls to start getting ready! 

This was her original dress. That she is now wearing to her schools hoco on the 30th! 


We took pictures at The Georgia Club around 5:30. 

We just love this group of friends!! They had dinner reservations at 7PM, headed to the dance, and then went to Addison's for the after party! 

While the kids were at the dance, the adults hung out at The Smith's but we made sure we were gone before the kids got back!! 

I took a selfie with Zeke to send to Conyer so he could remember our faces!!! 😉


Now to get ready for HOCO take 2! 


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