Our Week with Watching Ian play College Golf and Carving Pumpkins

Happy Tuesday Y'all. How has your week started off?? I hope good! I am recapping last week and weekend. 

Monday, October 23rd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella to school and I got busy on the mile long to do list. I did laundry, washed our sheets, started new items for my upcoming vendor events. 

I met Leigh Anne for lunch at Longhorn to finally celebrate her birthday! I was a crappy friend for this lunch- I picked up her gift on the way to lunch with made me late which in turn made her late getting back to work 😕😆😩

I got back home and continued working around the house and in the craft room. Ella got home from school, she chilled, while the Comcast guy figured out why our phone line wasn't working. We got that fixed, Ella got ready to head to Young Life. Kathryn came to the house to spend the night because we were leaving early to go see Ian. 

Ben got home from work. We ate dinner, Ella got home from Young Life, and we all crashed. 

Tuesday, October 24th- 

Ben, Kathryn, and I were up bright and early to head to Rome, GA to watch Ian in his final round of his tournament. Ella went to school but checked out because she had a headache. 

LaGrange started Tuesday in first place but they end the tournament in 7th place. We did enjoy watching our boy.

We made the drive home, ordered Friends for dinner, showered, and pretty much crashed into bed. 

Wednesday, October 25th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. I enjoyed a slow morning of coffee and reading. Then I got busy working on the to do list from Monday. 

Ella got home from school, chilled, and worked on homework, then she went to play pickleball with a few friends and then had campaigners at DQ. 

Ben got home from work and we just chilled for the evening. 

Ella got home and we all crashed. 

Thursday, October 26th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to school. I got myself ready and headed to my 9:45 hair appointment, Ella called asking if I could bring her Zaxby's for lunch because she was working the plant sale at school. Of course I took it to her. I went to Barberitos for lunch then went to my 1:00 nail appointment. I know, I know rough day! HA 

I got a call from Ian that his class was cancelled on Friday so he left LC and headed straight to the golf course. When Ella got home, we went to the course to join the boys and Ella had 2 friends join her. After we played a few holes well I watched, Ella and her friends went to dinner and the rest of us went to our favorite mexican restaurant. 

We all got home and quickly crashed. 

Friday, October 27th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Ella went to school. Ian went to the golf course and I got busy packing up everything for a vendor event on Saturday. I ran to WalMart to get a few things. Everyone got home, Ella went to a friends house, I worked on blog post and started watching Sweet Magnolias again. HA 

I sent this meme to Ella and she said NO. 

Ole Coach Cal. 

I picked up Starbucks Holiday Blend and sent Ben a text asking if we had to wait to November 1st to drink it and he said "Nope. Tomorrow please." I knew I loved him for good reason! HA 

I cooked lemon pepper chicken and dirty rice for dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen and chilled on the couch. 
I was influenced and bought a BruMate. I love it!! 

Love my sweet Trixie girl. 

Ben and I finally crawled into bed around 10:00 pm. 

Saturday, October 28th- 

We were all up early. Ben headed to play at lake lanier for a USAM tour event. Ian went to Legends to play golf with Brett. While Kathryn and I headed to the high school to set up my table for the Fall Festival. Ella got home, got ready, went to CFA to pick up breakfast and then joined us at the Fall Festival. I can't believe I didn't take one picture.  😭

We all got home, I turned on the game. How 'Bout Them Dawgs Y'all! The Boswell's came over a little after half time and the kids had a pumpkin carving contest. 

But before this was Ella and Bella. It's hard being so cute! 

Let the carving begin. 

Poor Kathryn had to carve her pumpkin by herself because her partner was to busy carving his own little pumpkin. 🙄

Brett is very competitive and it cracks me up. 

The winners. 

Kathryn was sweet and let Ian take a picture with her even though he did NOTHING! 

Brett headed back to school and Ian, Ella, and Kathryn went to feed and let out a friends dog. The adults hung out on the back porch. Kids got home and soon after Leigh Anne and Rob headed home. I cleaned up the kitchen, chilled on the couch for a little bit then crashed. 

Sunday, October 29th- 

Ben headed to another course for another USAM tour tournament. I slept in and then headed to my chair for coffee and Jesus. Ian got up and headed to practice at the course then headed to help Grammy for a minute. Ella and Kathryn slept in. I got busy cleaning up my craft room because it was a MESS. I got it cleaned, did all the laundry, typed this blog post, gathered the trash, showered, and crashed. 

I did look up the Hallmark movie schedule and made myself a date with the couch for Friday night. It's going to be a busy day after my vendor event. 

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