Thursday Confessions

Today I am linking up with my sweet blogger friend, Leigh!

I have the "I'm a Stay at Home Mom" guilt! I should be able to do EVERYTHING....have a perfectly cleaned house, clean laundry, a home cooked meal three times a day, volunteer for everything, be PTO President, Sunday School teacher, exercise and be skinny, etc, etc, etc! It's hard because I find myself not being able to say no or I pile more on my list because "I do stay home" I wish I didn't put that much pressure on myself! or society- I think I have heard "What do you do all day long, watch soap operas and eat bon bon's" a million times! :(

I am an impatient person. I like instant results....I know its an awful trait to have. That is why I do enjoy cleaning(I just don't do it as often as I need to) because hello....instant result

The kids want to "make over" their rooms this summer...meaning painting and new bedding! It really needs to be done and I will be so thankful when it is finished. It's just starting that process that makes me want to break out in hives! 

I will plan a "party" or "host a shower" to move him along on the "house projects" hehe
For instance, I am hosting a couples shower for his brother later in July....just so I can hurry up and get the house pressure washed and the porch and deck painted! Both projects need to be done anyway but you know how easy it is to "wait" but if a party is looming...I know it will get done faster! 

I take Ben shopping with me! Not grocery shopping, but clothes, shoes, etc! If he goes, I will always get more and not have to hear a word about how much money we spent...because duh he was there! 
Most of my friends HATE going shopping with their husbands! Not me I LOVE it!! ;)

That is all for today's confessions! I know they are horrible, but what are "confessions" for!! hehe

xoxo, Heather 


  1. Oh my - LOL! So first, glad to hear there is "stay at home" mama guilt, as I am currently suffering through working mama guilt. Thanks for the reminder the grass isn't always greener! We are probably redoing Ashlyn's room this summer too - we can commiserate together. Finally, totally with you on planning "parties" to get housework finished. THIS IS SO ME!!

    1. Oh my goodness- I think "Mom Guilt" comes in everything!
      Yes, let's commiserate! I think we may go "look" for new bedding next week!
      Have a great day friend!!

  2. Love the logic in bringing your husband shopping with you!!! I almost always shop online... But I think my husband would be the exact same way! I need to try it out and see!! :) have a great day friend!!