Weekend Recap

Hello Monday! You are not so bad when it is Summer Time and we plan on spending most of our time this week at the pool with friends:)

Today I am linking up with Johannah a weekend recap! 

Friday I ran some errands and Grammy took the kids to the driving range and Duke got to hang out with Grandaddy! 

Well this was Duke on the way home....

Friday after we got home and everyone settled! I spent the rest of the evening on the back deck with my Kindle, Wine, and Duke! Later, Ben joined me and then the neighbors walked over! It was a relaxing Friday evening!! 

Saturday morning, we got up and took a road trip to Ringgold, GA because Cochran Furniture started carrying Magnolia Home By JoAnna Grimes! So me, Ella, Colleen, Kim, and Sandra piled up in my car and off we went to get some of JOJO's goodies!! We had SO MUCH FUN!! 


Horrible picture of me, but hey I was driving! :)

Here we are in front of the Magnolia Home awesomeness!! Look at all that #shiplap 

Kim and Ella

Kim, Ella, and Sandra

I was really EXCITED about all of our finds! 
See that awesome Magnolia wreath! We all got one because all of JOJO's home accents were 50% OFF!! 

So EXCITED that I let Colleen drive home while Ella and I passed out in the backseat! 

Isn't Kim so sweet for snapping this beauty of us! #NOT 

We were home for about 10 minutes got back in the car and headed to my mom's for a Low Country Boil to celebrate Father's Day and my Grandfather's Birthday! 

Ben has mastered cooking a low county boil! It is SO YUMMY!! 

Here is my sweet paw-paw opening his gifts!!~

Duke went with us to my mom's and look at him on the way home! 
"Ruff" Life this dog leads.....;)

Sunday we went to church and then we came home to grill  with Ben's parents and Chris and Kim!

Just Chillin' watching The US Open and playing on their phones;)

Happy Father's Day to this guy! He is the rock to this family and we would be lost without him~~

We are so blessed to have him love and provide for us the way he does!! 

She is a daddy's girl! 

Happy Father's Day to the best dad out there!!  :)

Of course, we had to get a goofy picture! 

We ended our little cookout with a friendly game of Monopoly!! 

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 


  1. First off...I am SOOOO jealous about the magnolia wreath!! I want to go to their store so so bad. I'm obsessed with anything Fixer Upper and Chip & Joanna. LOL It sounds like you guys had a great weeekend! And what is a low country boil?!? Sounds yummy!!

    1. I know...I was so EXCITED and that it was 50% off!! Yippee!
      A Low Country Boil is shrimp, potatoes, corn, and sausage all cooked together in one pot with some spices! Its so yummy! So people add crab legs to theirs but we do not!!

  2. What a fun weekend!! And I absolutely love the picture of your handsome hubby and gorgeous kiddos!! You better frame that one!!

  3. So fun - and extra bonus that Magnolia items were 50% off!! Great finds! Love the photo of Ben and the kids - very cute!!