Wal-Mart Find {Three-Tier Galvanized Metal Stand}

I can't believe we are almost through this week! It is flying by, but we have been super busy with VBS at our church this week! 

I have mentioned before that I read several blogs every morning, well one of them is Justine over at Full Hands Full Heart and she loves to share her Wal-Mart finds! I LOVE reading those post because she finds some awesome stuff!! Plus, I LOVE finding a good deal on a great product that other mommas LOVE! 

So I decided that I would share my Wal-Mart find with you this week!! 

It seems everywhere you look Galvanized metal is all the go....I had being eyeing this galvanized metal 3 tier stand from Pottery Barn for a long time, but I just couldn't bite the bullet and hit pay! It is originally $69 but right now on sale for $55

So what does one do when you are determined to find something cheaper....you keep shopping online of course!! ;)

I just happened to be on walmart.com and this guy popped up! and guess what after I typed this whole blog post, I realized that it is out of stock:(
BUT you can get an email alert when they restock them! 

Then I saw that it was $24.99!! #canigetanamen

 So far I have only used this tray to serve bags of chips for teacher appreciation lunch! 

Next week, my plan is to fancy it up for 4th of July!

I saw these cute ideas on Pinterest 

Towards the end of July, I am hosting a Couple Shower for my brother in law and it is a Mexican Fiesta Theme....well look at this cute idea! 

Check out these ideas for just everyday use or hosting a breakfast or dinner.....

Coffee or Beverage Station

Wine Glasses 
Fruit and Herbs

Fruit and Cheese 

The possibilities are endless with this stand and it was ONLY $24.99! I did site to store, so it was even FREE shipping!! #score

Have you found any great deals/finds lately??? Share in the comments below!! 

xoxo, Heather 

Guess what after I typed this whole blog post, I realized that it is out of stock:(
BUT you can get an email alert when they restock them! I also read on another blog or IG post that someone bought the same stand at Sam's! I am so sorry guys! 


  1. This is cuuttee!!! I wish my house were larger because if it were I would love to have this out on display with different holiday themes. Too bad it's out of stock, but I bet they will restock it! Have a great Wednesday, Heather =)

    1. Thank you.

      I just love it and so hope they restock it!!

  2. Heather! I am obsessed with the stand and I'm going to scour my stores seen if I can find it!! You are so right-there are so many ways to style It!!! Wouldn't it be a fun wedding gift too?!? Love your Wal Mart find friend!!

    1. Thank you sweet friend and thank you for the inspiration!
      I didn't even think about it for a wedding gift, but your right it would be perfect!

  3. Well I LOVE that...and even more I love the Pinterest links to doll it up - knowing me it would sit on my counter with a few rotten bananas and totally lose it's flair!! Great find!

    1. Thank you Leigh! I'm sure you could handle more than rotten bananas!! haha ;)

  4. Love this find! I saw one like it in Sam's or Costco awhile back and wish I would have bought it. So many uses.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It was probably at SAMs. I read somewhere else that a person bought one at SAMs.

  5. Soooo stinking cute!!! I saw a similar one at SAMs! (Maybe the same one!) now I "need" it!! Ha.

    1. Yes! Go buy it! Super cute! Thanks for stopping by