Happy Birthday Ella

I  can't believe today my "baby" turns 9 today! 
She is sweet, sassy, smart, and has a heart of GOLD! She loves taking care of others. Stephanie swears that I am going to have a dozen grandkids! 
She loves school and loves learning!! I checked her out of school 45 minutes early on Friday and she CRIED!! 
She started taking guitar lessons in February and has her first recital in December! 

I can't wait to hear her play!! 

Happy Birthday Ella Marie!! We love you to the moon and back!! 
I am so thankful that God chose me to be her mama!! 
She makes me want to lose my mind sometimes but I couldn't imagine life with out her! She completed us!! 
Plus, I'm pretty sure that HE knew that we could only handle ONE girl....HAHA 

Here is a look at Ella over the past 9 years at her birthday parties!! 

Her FIRST Birthday! 
She was NOT a fan of her cake! But her daddy did smash it in her face!! She was NOT happy! ;)


Her SECOND birthday!
We invited family and close friends! I rented a bounce house and the kids LOVED it!! 

Her THIRD Birthday 
She had a Build A Bear Party!! 
 3 days before her party she had her tonsils and adenoids out:( She was pitiful at her party:(

We had lunch and cake in the food court at the mall!! 

Her FOURTH Birthday
She had a princess party at a local children's boutique.
(I can't remember the name of it)
They had a HUGE room with TONS of dress up clothes and make up. Then another room for cake and tea! 
You were able to pick a "princess" to host your party! 
She was OBSESSED with Belle!! 

She invited all her little girlfriends to this party, then the next day we had family over for lunch and presents!

Her FIFTH Birthday!! 
She had it at a place in the mall called Alter Ego! They got to play dress up, make up, hair, and nails done! 

Then walk out on a stage like a runway model! Plus have a dance party! She still talks about this party! 

We had her family party at the house. We bobbed for apples and painted pumpkins!! 

Her SIXTH Birthday! 
I LOST my mind on this one! She had a Spa Slumber Party! We applied mask, painted finger nails and toenails, etc! She had 12 little girls SPEND THE NIGHT! It was pure CRAZINESS but as everyone was going to sleep one little girl whispered "this was the BEST party EVER" And that made it ALL worth it!:) 

Her SEVENTH Birthday
Her birthday generally falls on Fall Break! So we were in Disney for her 7th birthday! 

I promise her daddy didn't rent out the Magic Kingdom for her!! But TRUST me if he could he would! She has him WRAPPED around her little finger:) 

She had an appointment at the BBB before the Magic Kingdom opened,  so that is why it looks like no one is there! HA 

Her EIGHTH Birthday! 
She got to pick one friend to go to the American Girl Doll Store, eat dinner, and spend the night in the hotel!! She picked Addison! 

Her NINTH Birthday! 
She wanted a Fall Festival in the backyard! You can read all about it here

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! 

All my love, 

Have a great Monday Friends!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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