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Happy Friday Friends! The kids are out of school today and we are headed to the mountains later today! The mountains are one of our FAVORITE places. It will be a weekend of family and football. EEK, I just squealed typing that...

Before I head into my weekend of fun, let me share a few FAVORITES from this week.

I think this may just be my FAVORITE custom request. 

We have FINALLY gotten into a routine since school started back. I grocery shop and meal prep on Monday's. I make sure to add a bouquet of fresh flowers to my cart. Having fresh flowers to look at in my quiet cozy is a FAVORITE for sure! 

I rejoined Weight Watchers yesterday. I shared an update on my Weight Loss & Fitness journey. My gym family are some of my FAVORITE people! Oh, and these are my FAVORITE workout capris. 

I have mentioned that I am loving essential oils. I have been defusing germ fighter and the hints of clove and cinnamon make me think of Christmas. We all know Christmas is my FAVORITE. I need a Fall scent. What is your FAVORITE?

Yesterday afternoon, we watched 3 of our FAVORITE middle school girls play in their Volleyball game then went to Barbito's for dinner! 

Ian wasn't hating life! 😉

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend! We will NOT be hosting Hello Monday! See you guys back here Tuesday for Prime Purchases!! 

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