Friday Favorites | 5 FAVORITE post from 2018

Happy Friday Friends. I can't believe this is the LAST Friday of 2018. It really does just blow my mind.

Today, I am sharing my 5 most popular post from 2018.

I determined my 5 most popular post by the number of page views. 

This post is from February 20th with 1,681 page views. My weight loss journey is still continuing today. It's not easy and it's an everyday struggle but it is something that I work hard at every day. 

I also hope to do more of these post in 2019. Maybe not monthly but quarterly. 

This post is from March 14th with 1,329 page views.  We all know everyone loves an organization post. 

This post is from May 16th with 1,249 page views. I mean who doesn't love a good Prime Haul. I plant to share these type post every month by linking up with Tanya. 

This post is from April 11th with 1,207 page views. I love simple tips when decluttering and leaning and I guess a view others did, as well. 

FIVE: Hello Monday | Life Lately Edition 

This post is from March 26th with 1,184 page views. I'm not sure why it had so many views but it did. I guess some people were curious as what we had been up to lately. 😉

It was a lot of fun looking back over 2018 page views and seeing what you guys enjoyed reading the most. I hope to add a few more topics in 2019. 

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