Happy Birthday to my Ian Michael!

I can NOT believe my baby is 14 years old today. Where have the years gone??  I thought it would be fun to share some of my FAVORITE pictures of Ian over the past year... but first, let's start with my FAVORITE baby picture.

This picture is just so precious to me. Ian was in the NICU when he was born to regulate his body temperature and to get a round of antibiotics (I started running a fever while in labor and he got a fever from me). I had to leave the hospital on a Thursday and he couldn't come home until Sunday so every morning when I came back to see him this is how I found him. That was one of the HARDEST moments of my life...leaving my newborn baby at the hospital. Not to mention he was 4 DAYS LATE. He was the biggest baby in the NICU!

JANUARY 2018-  Ian loves kids and Hunter was even more special. However, Ian likes him more now that he can walk and has his own personality. The baby stage scares him. 😉

He finished his season of basketball.

and started golf with the NGJG. 

He loves our Trixie girl. But she gets mad when he tries to share the front seat with her when we pick him up from school. 

FEBRUARY 2018- Oh Ian Michael. I just wanted a cute picture on Valentine's Day. 

Lots of golf throughout the year with Chris and his daddy. 

MARCH 2018- The Perfect time of the year for GOLF. 

He finished his first and last season of Track & Field. 

Awards day for all A's & B's

APRIL 2018- Spring Breakin' at the lake in the freezing cold. 

Several visits to see my grandparents over the past year. 

MAY 2018- Dad's helper at Relay for Life 

He even took a picture with me for Mother's Day! 

He LOVES the pups! 

Golf Shots of him are always my FAVORITE because he truly loves the game. 

My little daredevil. NOT! He has jumped off this dock a million times. 

His favorite activity at the beach. Sand Golf...I know that's not a real thing but Ian totally should make it a real thing. 

Won the Middle School Divison 

Lots of laughs at the lake. 

JULY 2018- We celebrated July 4th at Grammy's

Ian loves lazy summer mornings. 

Pools days are the best way to spend the SUMMER

So are LAKE DAYS! 

AUGUST 2018- He started 8th grade. 

Played in the Annual JGO in memory of Ben's grandfather.

Hung out with friend's on a Friday night

and hung out on the back deck with me and Trixie. 

Enjoyed family game night

and our annual trip to get UGA gear. 

Always the ladies man...😉😉😉

Enjoyed an awesome weekend trip to Sky Valley for Labor Weekend. I LOVE this picture that granddaddy took. 

OCTOBER 2018- Celebrated Bailey. She loves "bubby" 

Babysat the pups while Ben and I went to a wine tasting and Ella went to a friend's house. 

Enjoyed a "guys weekend" to Valdosta with Daddy and Chris. 

The biggest pumpkin in the patch. 

He picked out a big one to carve. 

Oh Boys...Ian is the top right one. 

NOVEMBER 2018- We are starting to let him practice driving in the neighborhood. My heart can't take it. 

I'm telling you...I think he carries treats in his pockets because dogs and kids are just drawn to him. 

then BAM...He looks like a GROWN MAN! 

1. Ian has the most sensitive heart
2. It tears him up if he knows he hurt your feelings
3. He loves Math and Science but doesn't enjoy reading 
#hegetsthatfromhisdaddy #hismamaisabooknerd 
4. He lives to play golf
5. He moves at a sloths pace
6. He is not in a hurry to get anywhere but is never late
7. He enjoys hanging out with his friends
8. He enjoys playing PlayStation 
9. He loves Sweet Tea and an Arnold Palmer 
10. He loves to give me a hard time about my blog and Etsy Shop but is my number #1 supporter. He tells all his friends and teachers
11. He enjoys playing basketball but in our driveway
12. He keeps his room clean but never makes his bed
13. He cleans his golf clubs after every round of golf
14. He cleans his shoes even more. 

I love you Bubs! I'll always be your #1 fan! 

xoxo, Mom 

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