Hello Monday | Christmas' Parties & Ben's Trip to NYC

Merry Christmas Eve, friends!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. We enjoyed another FRiendsMAS Friday evening, Ben had a quick over night trip to the Big Apple on Saturday while the kids and I celebrated Christmas with my family.

I am going to recap our weekend and I hope you will link up with us below.

Friday afternoon, my friend Talia and her 4 boys came over to hang out and her and I exchanged gifts. We had the best time catching up sitting by the fire.

Talia and I have been friends since middle school. I am so blessed to have her friendship!

Ella said that Trixie wanted to play a video game. 

Friday evening, The Boswell's came over for our annual FriendsMAS. We grilled chicken, smoked sausage, green beans, oven fries, and salad. LeighAnne brought buffalo chicken dip for an appetizer and Bailey made Oreo balls for dessert. Super yummy meal.

Bailey loves her "Stepparents" 

Love my sweet LeLe. I would be lost without her. She just "gets" me...See we even dress alike 😉

the outtakes are always the best...

Love these sweet girls.

After pictures it was time for presents.

Bailey loves Trixie. 

LeighAnne snapped this picture of Brett and I eating. I promise I wasn't yelling at her. I really have no idea what I was thinking or doing! 

Look what LeighAnne and Bailey found for me....I have NEVER seen the bracelet holder. I just LOVE it so much.

Saturday morning, Ben left for the airport to head to New York around 7 am. I enjoyed a slow morning of coffee, quiet time, and getting my food ready to take to my moms. The kids and I left for my mom's around 10:45. We had munchie type foods at moms. I made 7 layer taco dip and put together a fruit platter.

The kids were more concerned with the presents.

Ella and Hunter

Ryker my cousin's youngest son.

Ella loves anything science. 

Ian is just thrilled with everything these days. 🤣

He got cash which he was thrilled about. 

I found Mr. & Mrs. Rae Dunn mugs for the newly engaged couple. 

After my mom's, Ella and I went to Winterfest. It was hosted by a local church. They had a snow pit, Pictures with Santa, bounce houses, and a petting zoo. 

Ella really just wanted to hang out with the animals.

We loved Mo the camel and he really liked our hair.  

Mo is only 1. He was so funny. He kept trying to eat our hair and the fur on Ella's jacket. 

Meanwhile throughout the day, Ben was sending me these pictures of New York.

I have NEVER been to New York and I am dying to go.

He even got to see the ball for NYE! 

I was so jealous that he got to see THIS.... Ben please take me to NYC next Christmas.

They went to dinner at New York Italian and look at this pepperoni Chicken Parmesan. He said it was delicious but he could only eat half of it. 

And I was sending him pictures of me and the pups curled up on the couch with my new blanket from my mom. I love it so much I have already ordered 2 more. It is so freaking soft.

Sunday I was so lazy! You could find Trixie and I curled back up in my blanket with a cup of coffee.

I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry but I did order my groceries from Publix using Instacart because the first time you use it the delivery fee was wavered. It was AWESOME because I didn't want to brave the grocery store 2 days before Christmas. 

So the rest of our afternoon looked like this...

Ben was sending me pictures of his day. He found a coffee shop.  

and he went to the Jets/Packers game. 

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a very Merry Christmas.

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