Oh Ship, It's a President's Trip | Days 5-8

I am FINALLY getting around to recapping the second half of our Cruise back in November. To see Days 1-4, click here. 

I am recapping Days 5-8 today!! Grab some coffee or wine and wish you in the Caribbean with me!

Thursday, November 8-Day 5

We woke up docked at the beautiful island of Barbados. Did you know that it is illegal to wear camouflage in Barbados? We had a couples massage scheduled for this morning. 

We got off the ship for maybe 30 minutes. Walked around the port area, then headed back to the ship. 

We just chilled for the entire day, we napped, and it rained on and off most of the day. We didn't even go out for dinner. It felt great! 

Friday, November 9-Day 6 

It was our only day at sea. We got ready that morning and headed to breakfast. We walked around the ship for a while then hung out at the coffee shop for a while with a few other couples. 

It was another cloudy, rainy day. 

The main walk area of the ship was awesome. 

I went to the Bull & Bear a lot! 😉

After a while of walking around and hanging out with the other couples from our group, we headed back to our stateroom to rest, getting ready for dinner, and watch an amazing sunset. 

We went to eat at the Mexican restaurant on the ship at 6:00. Y'all it was seriously the best meal I had ALL WEEK! The guac and 'ritas were AMAZING! 

We also saw Alex from Madagascar Dancin in the Street 😉

After dinner, we sent the boys to the casino while the girls headed to a bar. 

and I meant this lovely lady from London. When me, Ella, Colleen, and Kim get together we start talking with a British accent. I don't know why but it is so funny and we have the WORSE British accent. I just wanted this lady to talk to me all night. I can't get enough of British accents. She asked where we were from so I told her to guess. She said "You just said y'all you have to be from the South" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was like YES! But hearing her say y'all in her British accent was priceless!! 

My nightcap was a Rumchata. If you have NEVER had a Rumchata. You need to try it. It's like cinnamon-y milk. Oh my glitter, it's good! 

Saturday, November 10-Day 7

We sent the day on the beautiful island of St. Maarten. Half of the island is owned by the French; the other half is owned by the Dutch. 

We took a water taxi to a local beach. 


The view from my lounge chair.  

Ben aka Turtle just living his best life in St. Maaren. 

Love this man so much. So proud of all his hard work and dedication to earn these trips each year! 

The water was breathtaking beautiful 

Saturday evening. we streamed the Georgia/Auburn game somewhere in the Caribbean. Technology is a wonderful thing

We called it a day after the game was over. 

SUNDAY, November 11-Day 8 

We made it back to San Juan for disembarkment. Our flight home was at 3:15 and we made it back to Atlanta at 6:05! Then we raced it home to see our babies. 

8 days is a long time to be gone but I am thankful for this time away with Ben. 

Hope you enjoyed revisiting the Caribbean with me. 

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