Friday Favorites | GNO, Bread, & the Spa!

Happy Friday! We are so excited for the WEEKEND! We have fun plans! I hope y'all had a great week. I started the week off in a fog but I quickly got myself together and enjoyed the rest of my week. It has been BEAUTIFUL here. Yesterday it was 81 degrees in FEBRUARY! How crazy but it is suppose to get chilly again this weekend. 

I am sharing a few FAVORITES from this week! 

Like I mentioned earlier, Monday I was just in a FUNK! It was not one of my FAVORITE days! But it quickly passed and we moved right into Tuesday and I woke up in a MUCH better mood! 

I read on Cait's blog about her FAVORITE at home workouts so I tried this one and HOLY MOLY! I was feeling the burn. Youtube may be my new FAVORITE way to workout because I get bored VERY easy! 

251 calories in 28 minutes isn't that bad! 

Tuesday evening, I met one of my FAVORITE people at a local brewery for dinner and wine! I just love this lady! She started off as Ian's 5th grade teacher but she became one of my life long friends! Love me some Ms. Hawk! 

I finally got to feel like the Little Red Hen and mill my own grains for bread! I was so EXCITED! 

Then Wednesday afternoon one of my friends that has been milling her grains for a few years now dropped this bag on my front porch! To say I was giddy with excitement is an understatement! It had all different types of grains! 

Wednesday was a productive day I got several orders finished up and even a few new designs for the shop!

I can't decide which one is my new FAVORITE! 

I don't have my weekly weigh in to share with y'all today because I spent my Thursday morning here...

It was heavenly. I redeemed the rest of my gift card from Christmas. I had a facial and a seasonal pedicure! AMAZING!

I am weighing in this morning so I will share on Monday!

What was one of your FAVORITES from this week? We are excited to get this weekend started! Daddy/Daughter dance tonight and Winterfest tomorrow night!!

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