Friday Favorites | Love Edition

Happy Friday Friends! I am so thankful this week is OVER! It has been an emotional one.

But in the light of all the sadness this week, I am going to share some of our FAVORITES!

As many of you know my sweet PawPaw passed away last Saturday. Tuesday morning, we laid him to rest. He was a Godly man. He shared the bible with everyone who would listen and some who didn't want to listen. We loved him so much and miss him so much already but knowing he has met Jesus face to face does make me smile.

The outpour of LOVE from my friends was just amazing. Between visits to the funeral home, phone calls, text, comments on pictures, cards, hugs, plants, and flowers. I felt so much love and support. Thank you all so MUCH!

Talia sent a beautiful Gardenia bush to the funeral home and Stephanie showed up Tuesday evening with this BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement.

Tuesday morning these 2 were so confused why we were getting so dressed up during the week leaving in a rush... my 2 FAVORITE pups. I think they could sense that we were so sad. 

Wednesday I started a new bible study. I can't wait to dive deeper into this book. I think it is for sure going to be a FAVORITE! 

Wednesday evening, Ella finished up Valentine's for her class. Giving treats is one of her FAVORITE things to do. #shegetsitfromhermama

Thursday morning we left the house at 6:40 to buy one of Ian's favorite girls her FAVORITE coffee

and this girl requested a heart shaped biscuit from her FAVORITE place. 

I having been taking the kids to get heart shaped biscuits from CFA on Valentine's Day for a few years now and they love it!! 

Another FAVORITE is receiving ARC copies of books! I am loving this new to me author Erin Nicholas.  I loved Nice and Easy! Plus it takes place in the big easy! 

I think I needed a fan for the sexual chemistry in this book. I did find myself thinking come on and get together already! ;) But once they did, OH MY!! 

I hope y'all have a great weekend. The kids are out of school today and Monday! Ben and Ian are on the golf course and Ella and I are visiting my sweet MawMaw today!!

Oh and I weighted in yesterday and I lost NOTHING! I was the exact same weight as last week. I guess that is better than gaining. I really need to switch up my food this week because I find myself eating the exact same stuff everyday because I know its point value!

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