My Quiet Time

Hey Y'all! I have shared my quiet time with y'all several times before and I wanted to share an updated quiet time post!

Here is a picture of my current quiet corner.

If you don't follow Erin at Simple Purposeful Living then you are seriously missing out! She shared a while back (because she now has a journal out for you to purchase) how she kept her Gratitude journal and it just stuck with me!

I purchased this notebook from TJ MAXX! I just think it is so pretty.

On the inside, she shared how she broke it into sections. 

First up was Gratitude and I left a whole page per month for me to jot down what I am thankful for each day. 

On the next page, I broke it down to Repentance, Myself, and on the next page Friends & Family.

These are my FAVORITE pens to use.

With February 1st on Saturday, it's a great time for you to grab a notebook and get started.

Shelly over at The Queen in Between shared that she read through the Bible last year using this App and this Podcast.  I am happy to report that 28 days into 2020 and I am ON TRACK!

I love the She Reads Truth Bible

I mentioned in my December Prime Purchases that I purchased this daily devotional for myself and Talia. I am LOVING it each and every morning.

Talia text me the other day and said she is loving it!


I love to wake up before everyone else to enjoy the quietness of the house, my coffee, and Jesus. How do you start your day?

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