Friday Favorites | Chocolate Fondue, A Bogg Bag, and a Firewood Holder

Happy Friday Friends! We don't have a whole lot on the agenda this weekend and I am so excited! But before we get this weekend started let me share a few FAVORITES!

I mentioned earlier this week that we went to The Boswell's for a low country boil. Well we brought the dessert! I purchased this fondue set and I couldn't wait to try it out. I have had 2 different size chocolate fountains and let me just tell you they are a PAIN to clean. So I decided to go the fondue route. Easy, breezy clean up!

This set would be perfect to have for Valentine's Day. 

It was very easy to set up and melt the chocolate in. Very user friendly.

We added strawberries, bananas, graham crackers, mini marshmallows, pound cake, pretzel rods, and sprinkles.

Everyone could have their own color fork.

Just look at that yumminess.

Chocolate covered strawberry. Yes Please!!!

Look a s'more' without the fire. 😉

I really want to try cheese fondue. YUM! Do you like Fondue?

On our way to The Boswell's house we stopped by Stripplings General Store for some sausage for the low country boil and I saw this BAG! I have seen them a lot lately here in blogland. Well as soon as Ben saw it and knew I loved it he said buy it because IT STOOD UP ALL BY ITSELF. Ben and Ian always load the car for me whenever we are going anywhere so they immediately were fans of the bag for that reason. They do not love my 31 bags because they are "floppy" #firstworldproblems. HA

This is the X-Large size. and now I want the baby Bogg. 

It will be great to take to the lake, the pool, the beach. It will even be great to carry my Senegence products in when I do DEMOS!

If anything spills, it will wipe right up!

I love the inside pocket!

We have had this firewood carrier/holder for a couple of months now and I haven't gotten around to showing it to y'all! It is awesome!! It's small in size and doesn't take up a lot of room on the back deck but can hold a good bit of wood.

Now it is on sale for $15!

I carry it down by our wood pile and lay it flat

Fill it with wood and carry it back to the holder.

It has different handles that slip on the holder so it will stand up. I guess this goes back to why my boys like bags that stand on their own! HA

When Ian gets the firewood, he carries up more but I didn't carry up that much. Usually he does it for me but I did this time for picture purposes!

The new True Love Collection may just be my new FAVORITE for February!

What was a FAVORITE from your week??

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