My Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Happy Tuesday Friends!! As you may know I turned the big 4-0 last week and this past Friday night my hubby and my 4 best friends SURPRISED me with a party. I honestly had no idea! Apparently they had planning "meetings" starting back in November. They were not allowed to text him about the party only email him. Just in case one of us were using his ipad and it popped up! My OCD husband thought of EVERYTHING! They told me they woke up to an email on Friday morning titled "Game Day" Oh How I love this sweet man.

I thought we were going to the winery for a glass of wine and then heading to Legend's for Friday night dinner. Well we started at the winery and then went to Legend's for dinner along with a lot of my family and friends.

This was my face when I walked in...

Here is a video. You may need to fast forward some but the conversations going on before I walked in is pretty FUNNY!

But let's back up to earlier that day when they were all setting up. Stephanie sent me these pictures Saturday morning!

Ben said that every party we have from now on will have the balloon arch! HA

Oh Jud!

Poor Jesse Lee had to tag along with his mama.

Good thing Jud is so tall. He comes in handy sometimes 😉

I agree with Ben every party will need the balloon arch from now on. Good thing we have 2 baby showers, a graduation party, 2 guys turning 50 this year! It really is so pretty!

Everyone waiting for us to arrive.

They scared me to death and I JUMPED! I'm just thankful I didn't pee my pants. 😉

I was in tears.

After my heart calmed down it was on to mingling, eating, and drinking.

This is Talia's Stephanie and I just love her!

This was before the selfie! HA

The four of us graduated High School together and now we are all 40 well Matt actually turned 41 the day of the party. His birthday is January 10th. Glad he celebrated his birthday with me!

Jud made me come to the front of the room for his "speech" where he proceeded to tell me that it was him and Stephanie that decorated my yard. He left the toilet because I am full of crap! 

 This is the moment he told me. I was so shocked. I really thought it was Leigh Anne and Bailey.

Then they sang Happy Birthday to me and this is what I thought of that. HA I didn't mean to roll my eyes. I told them they really didn't need to do that.

I pretty much looked like this all evening! So loved, So Blessed, and So overwhelmed.

Then it was photo booth time.

I can't believe this guy pulled off such a HUGE surprise. Who am I kidding? Yes, I can!

Love The Boswell's! LeLe is my favorite partner in crime

Ben's side of the family. Love these people so much and thankful to call them my family, too!

Keith and Dixie!

Matt and Kayla.

Y'all know I love my Sweet Talia and Ryan.

My Sweet mama and sister.

Oh the toilet bandits. I think that is what I will call them for know on.

The guilty planning committee.

The 4 best friends a girl could ask for. I would truly be lost without them.

Stacey and Tonya. Love my sister.

Eric and Candace.

This was Ben yelling at Eric for RSVPing to the party at 5PM the day of! HA

Love these sweet girls.

The BEST in loves in the entire world.

My Peeps.

Love Grammy.

My Mama and Sister.

Sweet Meredith.

The Gresson's! Love doing life with safety patrol herself. Plus, I'm so relieved that Michelle can actually talk to me again without stressing. She was so scared she was going to slip up and say something.

I am so thankful that I have another Stephanie to love.

These pictures explain every conversation I think we have in life.

Oh Granddaddy. I don't know what he was fussing about!

Then we moved on to PRESENTS!

Talia gave me a wrist flask!

and a Best Friend Alex and Ani bracelet.

I light up wine box from Sandra and Richard!

A beautiful scarf from Meredith.

Wine Glasses from Shannon and Michelle.

Love these mugs from Chris and Kim

Wine from Dixie and Keith

More wine and a tumbler from Stephanie.

The Wrist Flask needed a photo op!

Stephanie added wine to it!

My sister and I tried to recreate this photo! How did we do?

I hope y'all enjoyed my surprise party! I truly was SURPRISED! Thank you Ben for pulling off such an amazing party! Thank you Leigh Anne, Stephanie, Talia, and Michelle! I love you all so much!

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