Happy 40th Birthday to Me!

Y'all today I turn the BIG 4-0! I know most ladies dread their 40th birthday! Not me, I'm living my best life 😉

So like my other birthday post, I thought I would share 40 things about me in celebration of my 40th birthday!

It's going to be hard to name 40 different things about me that I haven't shared already but I will give it my best shot. 

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1. I wear my hair pulled back or in a messy bun EVERY DAY! I hate wearing it down because it gets in my face. 

2. I am a Senegence Distributor. I became a distributor in August 2019. I truly love the products and love sharing them with y'all.

3. I love a BOLD lip instead of a BOLD eye. 

4. I wear my diamond earrings to workout in because it makes me feel fancy. 

5. I hate to drive. ( I think I have shared this before) If I had unlimited funds, I would hire a chauffeur. Forget the maid or cook. 

6. I am obsessed with watching Instagram Stories. I watch them all the time. Does that make me nosy?

7. I finally enjoy working out and look forward to going to the gym. 

8. I can do 6 push ups with a 15lb weight on my back! I'm pretty dang proud of that accomplishment. 

9. I sell makeup and skin care but don't wear makeup everyday. If I'm not going anywhere then I don't usually "get ready". 

10. I still love having my Etsy Shop. Last year was my slowest year since I opened it but I'm working on sharing more on social media platforms. 

11. I have been to CMA Fest in Nashville 3 times and I am going back in June with Leigh Anne.

12. I would LOVE to visit Napa Valley!

13. I can't tell you the last time I actually painted my own toenails. I always go to the nail salon. #spoiled

14. Ben bought me my first and only Louis Vuitton for my 40th Birthday while we were in NYC last month.

15. I have only been to NYC once. It was last month, everything was decorated for Christmas, except the tree wasn't lit. They held the tree lighting 3 days after we left.

16. I still fall asleep in the car whenever we go anywhere. It drives Ben crazy. We can be out with friends and I can be the life of the party. You get me still in the car and I am OUT.

17. I need to lose 20lbs. That weight is where I feel comfortable and more energized. I am working on meal planning and prepping. When I was on WW, I was great at this task but now that I discontinued my subscription this gets pushed to the back burner.

18. If I didn't color my hair, I would be completely grey.

19. Speaking of coloring hair, I color my own hair every 2.5-3 weeks. Because my hair is so dark one little grey stands out.

20. With my Etsy Shop, I have shipped to 48 of the 50 states.

21. I hope to be a vendor at at least 5 events this year. Sharing Senegence products and my Glittery Goodness. 

22. I joined Shelly with reading the bible in a year. I sure hope I stick with it. So far so good.

23. I read 53 books last year and I hope to read 55 this year. You can see what I read on GoodReads. 

24. I can't believe I have a high schooler and a middle schooler. It's true mamas, Don't BLINK!

25. We own a boat but I hate getting in the lake. The water just grosses me out.

26. I have known Ben for 28 years. We have been married 16.5 years.

27. I am lucky to be his wife. He is the hardest working man I know.

28. I shop way to much on Amazon.

29. I became a great aunt 2 years ago and will have 2 great nephews and maybe a great niece by August. (We don't know the sex of Hunter's sibling yet)

30.  My Glittery Heart will celebrate 4 years next week. I can't believe it. I am so thankful for the friendships I have developed through this little space.

31. Y'all coming up with 40 things about yourself is HARD.

32. I will not eat Taco Bell and my family LOVES it.

33. I actually enjoying cooking.

34. I have become a really good water drinker. I use to never drink enough water but within the past few years I drink a lot of water.

35. I love to host parties as well as plan parties.

36. Ben and Ella hate my hair straight. The last time I had my hair professionally colored, she blew it out straight. Ella didn't even recognize me and Ben said " I like your color"  Ian was just in different. HA

37. I have no pigmentation in my eyes. That is why I wear sunglasses all the time even when it's gloomy outside because it's still bright to me.

38. My mornings still start with coffee and Jesus.

39. I still enjoy cleaning because it is an immediate result. I shared before that I am an inpatient person.

40. If you need me today, I will be at the Spa! Hey you only turn 40 once so live it up!

Did you learn something new about me? Do we have anything in common?

Photo credits to Ella!

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