Easter Baskets for Teens

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Happy Friday Friends! I hope y'all had a great week! I am sharing a few favorites of my kids that we think would make great Easter Basket gifts. 

I did ask my kids what they would like in their Easter Basket this year and with no surprise Ella gave me a whole long list and Ian was like "whatever is fine, mom" I did manage to pull out a few items from him. 

Let's start with Ian our Teen Boy....

His first response was gum. 

Then he mentioned this bracelet...

After asking a few more questions, I did get out of him this floating green would be pretty cool for the lake or pool. 

and if you wanted to spend a little extra money this would be AMAZING...

But always a constant in his basket is swimming trunks...

I was like "Ian, do you want anything for golf, Amazon Gift Card, anything for your truck?" He said " No, mom, I'm good!" Sweet Boy! 

However, he did just buy himself this phone case and loves it. 

Now, let's see what Miss. Thing said she would like in her basket or she willing gave out ideas for y'all!! 

Bathing suits are always in my kids Easter Baskets but this is the first year that I am dealing with a teen and swim suits. I will say that Ella is VERY modest and does not like the itty bitty bikinis. So I have been on the hunt...

I do approve of this swimsuit. 

this cover up is the SWEETEST! 

Ella loves this iPhone case...

She does love her Chacos and this pair is perfect. 

Ella picked out these bands because they are skinny. 

I will say that Ella's FAVORITE Bible is from Etsy but even at this point you wouldn't receive it by Easter. Which if you ask Ella would totally be ok and well worth the wait.   They are all currently unavailable but you can get on the waitlist. 

So let me know what is currently on your list for the Easter Bunny to deliver! 

I know I could always go with gift cards like, gas, Amazon , Target, Michaels, etc. but I don't love giving out gift cards. 

xoxo, Heather 

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