Our Week with 2 Matches & A 2 Day Tournament

 Hey Hey Monday!! I can't believe we are halfway through March. If you blogged, grab our graphic and link up below. As usual, I am recapping our week. 

Monday, March 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids off to school. I went to workout. Worked on the to-do list, then before I knew it, it was time to go pick up Ella and head to Ian's golf match. He finished 1 under par. 

After the Match, We went to Culver's for dinner. Once we got home, it was busy getting everything settled for the evening and in the bed. 

Tuesday, March 9th- 

It was a normal morning. Coffee, Jesus, and kids off to school. I rode the Peloton. Then I worked my tail off in the Craft Room on Pinners Prep and Etsy Orders. 

Meanwhile, Trixie was enjoying the sunshine. 

I know have 3.5 bins full of items to sell. 

That afternoon, Kathryn came over to hang out with Ian and Taylor came over to hang out with Ella. 

Taylor ended up spending the night with Ella. (Yes, I know it was a school night. I have never allowed that before) 

Wednesday, March 10th- 

Coffee, Jesus, kids off to school. Then I got a workout in. Worked on the to do list. I picked up the girls from school and we headed to Ian's match. He finished 2 over par. 

After his match, we came home and I had taco meat waiting for us in the crockpot. We ran a rangefinder over to Brett. Then it was home to chill and get in the bed. 

Thursday, March 11th

It was a digital day for my kiddos so teachers and faculty could get their first round of the Covid-19 shot. Neither one of my kids had any google meets so they just worked on their assignments throughout the day. 

However, Ian and I went to pick up Kathryn around 10. Then we went to Striplings for steak and fish to grill and to Bath and Body Works for soap and a candle. 

Once we got home, I worked on all the things...Pinners Prep, cleaning house, and prepping dinner. We grilled steaks and fish for dinner. 

After dinner, I cleaned up and Ben and Ian ran Kathryn to her sisters house. But at some point, I opened a package and my COATERS ARRIVED! Y'all I LOVE them. They will be fun to pass out at Pinners Conference and include in packages. 

Friday, March 12th- 

The kids were out of school so Ian headed to the course, Ella slept in and I headed to workout. I raced home, got ready, and Ella and I headed to visit my sister and Stacey. 

Look how cute the pups were on the ride...

I can't handle her little paw...

Since we wanted to take the pups, we ate outside at Cowboys and Angels. 

Then it was back to my sisters house to play games and visit for a while. 

We got home around 7ish and were ready to crash. 

Saturday, March 13th- 

Ian's tee time was at 7:48 so I was up at 4:30 to get in my quiet time, get ready, and be at the course by 6:40 so he could warm up. 

I love when Jesus shows off...

Look how cute 2 of Ian's biggest fans are... 

When you walk a golf course, you get in a lot of steps and close 2 of your rings. 

Once we left the tournament, we ran to the winery to pick up a case of wine. 

Meanwhile, while Ian was playing in the tournament Ella was making my phone pretty. Just look at it...

On our way home, we picked up BBQ for dinner and I was fighting to keep my eyes open by 4pm. But I stayed awake until 9. I did set all of my clocks an hour later by mid-afternoon. 

I was on IG and saw this filter. Y'all I couldn't help myself. If I was a cartoon character this is what I would look like...

I think I look more like a Bratz doll 😂

Sunday, March 14th- 

Ian's tee time was at 8:15. He was leading the tournament at this point. The boys headed to the course and the girls went to church. After church, we headed to the course to watch Ian come in. He came in 4th place. 

Then we headed to Legends for lunch and my gang went to play 18 holes!! 

I hope y'all had a great weekend and an even better week.

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