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Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope your week is off to a great start. I am joining Shay and Erica for Let's Look and today we are looking at our Nights In. 

This is random pictures of what we like to do for a night in. Either just Ben and I or all 4 of us! 

Ben and I LOVE to cuddle on the couch to watch a movie with a drink and charcuterie board. 


We love hosting a "Movie Night" on the back deck. Plus a really great Popcorn Cart is a plus. 

When the weather is cold we move that cart inside and add pizza. 

If I'm just staying in all by myself, you will find me with a pup and pinot. Throw in a Hallmark movie and I am one happy lady! 

When the weather is not to hot, you will always find us on the back deck. Ben and I like to call them "deck date nights". 

A Drink, Lights, and a Heater. Makes for a perfect date night in...

Throw in the big green egg and we are BOTH happy campers. 

Y'all all know how we love to host any party because we LOVE to "stay in"! 

Football, Fire, Family, and Friends! Need I say more for a great night in...

More deck date nights when the weather gets cooler! 

Ella is starting to love to host friends over for different occasions. Friendsgiving and Stocking Exchange. She must get it from her mama. 😉

If you sit long enough in this house, you will have a puppy in your lap! 

A Fire. A Pup. A Hubby. A Glass of Pinot. Plus a.... 

Charcuterie Board. Makes a Perfect Night in to Me. 

What about you? What is your perfect night in?? 

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