Our Week with Golf Matches and a Birthday Celebration

Hey Hey Monday! I am ready for YOU! I am ready for a 3 day week and Spring Break. But before we get to all that fun let me recap last week and this past weekend. 

Monday, March 22nd- 

It was a normal morning. Coffee, Jesus, and kids to school. I went to workout. Then I got ready to head to lunch with Leigh Anne and Bailey to plan our meals for the lake. 

Once I got home, I did a little work before heading to pick up Ella and watch Ian in his match. But before I get to that let me show y'all what I worked on Sunday evening. 

Stickers on bags for Pinners. 

and super cute care bags for my glasses. 

Now let's look at my workout from Monday. 

Ian's Match...

Tuesday, March 23rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. I came home to work on all the things for the to-do list. Orders, Pinners Prep, Blog Post, etc. 

I squeezed in a ride on the Peloton. I got myself ready to go pick up Ella. Then home to do a few more things before Ian dropped me off at Stephanie's to SURPRISE her! I didn't get to celebrate her 40th because of Covid so I made sure to celebrate her 41st. I treated her to dinner at one of our local restaurants.

I am just so excited that I was actually able to pull off a surprise. 


Wednesday, March 24th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids off to School. I dropped the pups off at the groomer. Then I went to workout. After my workout, I went to pick up the pups.  I made dog food, I cleaned my makeup brushes, gave the dogs their medicine, finished 11 more glasses for Pinners, then went to Ian's  Golf Match after picking up Miss. Priss. 

However, Trixie and Duke were exhausted after "do" day. 

Thursday, March 25th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids off to school. Then home to do all the cleaning and laundry. I dusted, mopped, and vacuumed. Plus, I did put up the St. Patrick's Decor and pulled out a few Easter mugs. 

In carpool line, Trixie enjoyed a treat. 

I snapped a picture of a "sneak peak" of the golf bar cart. 

Ian's golf match was cancelled due to weather so I made spaghetti for dinner and we called it an early night. 

Friday, March 26th-

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, then I got a text that my trainer wasn't feeling well so I walked around my neighborhood before getting ready and having lunch and shopping with Talia. I picked Ella and Taylor up from school. 
Around 5:45- we picked up CFA for dinner and dropped the girls off at church for Resonate Weekend. We dropped Kathryn off at home at 9:30 and then picked up Ella and Taylor from church at 10. Then please know that I CRASHED. 

Just like Trixie in this picture...


Saturday, March 27th- 

Coffee and Jesus. My boys headed to the course, I dropped the girls back off at church at 9:45. I ran a few errands and cleaned house. I left at 2:30 to pick up a drink (large water add peach) from Sonic and get gas before meeting my sister and her crew at the park to visit with Stacey before he starts his treatments today. 
We grilled chicken for dinner and picked the girls back up from church at 10pm. 

Sunday, March 28th

Coffee and Jesus. My guys headed back to the course while the girls went to church. We went to dinner at Friends then to Target to find bathing suits. 

Home to work in the craft room, care bags, laundry, blog post, etc. 

We got ready for another busy week! 

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