A Day in the Life | Summer Edition

Happy Wednesday Friends! How is your week going so far?? I know I always love a good day in the life post so I thought I would share one today! Summer edition!! 

Here is how my Monday, July 12th went....

If you have been a long time reader than you know that I am an early riser but this summer I have been sleeping in. I finally got out of bed at 6:50. 

I let the dogs out and fed them, started the washing machine, put the ingredients in the crock pot to make dog food, and then sat down for my quiet time at 7:10. 

All while Rosie was busy vacuuming.  

I went to work out from 8-9, met Ian at the ford dealership at 9:15 to drop off his truck. We got home and at 10:30  I sat down for breakfast but after I emptied the dishwasher and switched out the laundry. 

Ian went to go pick up Kathryn while I took a shower and got ready. 

At 12:10, the dog food was finished cooking so I had to "smash it" and add the rest of the ingredients. I made the kids dino nuggets for lunch. 

I had my favorite salad from The Food Nanny. 

After I cleaned up the kitchen, I went upstairs to work until it was time for Ella's golf lesson. I enjoyed a Black Cherry Waterloo. My FAVORITE! 

We left at 1:45 to head to the course but on the way we dropped off some Lipsense to a friend. 

By 2:55, I was enjoying a glass of wine and watching Ella at her golf lessons. 

It came a DOWNPOUR so her lessons got moved inside. 

When Ella's lesson was over, Grammy got to the course with Addison and Laney Brook because they were all spending the with Grammy. 

Ian wanted to go out and practice since the rain stopped. Then we went to dinner at Ninja. My favorite japanese place. 

Once we got home, I poured another glass of wine, and enjoyed relaxing in the tub. 

Just another manic monday around here. 🤣🤣🤣

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