Our Week that Ended with a Trip to the Lake for the 4th of July

 Happy Friday Friends! I hope y'all had a great week! I am recapping our 4th of July weekend. 

Monday, June 28th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Workout! Then it was home to do all the things! Look who was my little sidekick. 

That evening, we watched a few episodes of Manifest. 

Tuesday, June 29th- 

Coffee and Jesus. 

Then I worked around the yard and in the craft room. 

We watched more Manifest and called it a night. 

Wednesday, June 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and a Workout. 

Then Trixie had a vet visit, Ben and I had a Booster. Club meeting, We grabbed dinner at a local taco place and then it was home to CRASH!! 

Thursday, July 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, and a workout. 

Then it was home to do all the things to get ready to head to the lake for a long weekend. 

But not before I caught this sweet moment. 

We were not there 2 hours and Grammy was already the pups FAVORITE! 

An evening boat ride. 

Then some late night fishing...

Friday, July 2nd- 

All the tubing....

Then a little game of cornhole and golf cart riding for Ella and Trixie. 

Then some more nighttime fishing. 

Saturday, July 3rd- 

My guys, Brett, and Ella went to the golf course while these fishers went to check the catfish catchers. 

Sweet LuLu. This was after I let her fall in the water after helping her off the pontoon boat. I still feel AWFUL. 

Once the golfers got home, we chilled at the dock. 

All while Rob was working hard to install the ladder. 

After dinner, we went for a cruise to watch the fireworks. 

All the boats waiting on the fireworks. 

If you are looking for Mr. Cool, he  leaves in my house! 😂

Rob loves his Ella Bella!! 

Our ride back to the house! 

Sunday, July 4th- 

We enjoyed a quiet morning and then while we went to get gas this guy went wakeboarding.


Then some evening tubing after a yummy low country boil. 

After tubing, we sat on the dock, watched more fireworks, while to boys shot off some of their own.

Then it was snuggles with Ian before bed. HA He just loves when Ben and I snuggle with him!! 😉😉😉

We all crashed hard and then Monday, July 5th headed home. 😭😭😭

How was your holiday weekend?? 

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