Christmas Gift Guide for Him | 2022

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Hey Y'all!! Again, I love reading other bloggers gift guides so I am sharing another one and I think this one is a great one for all the men in your life! 

Y'all Ben wants to love the Apple Watch but it's the bands for him. He wants them to feel like a normal watchband for him. He's bougie like that. Well he found these and loves them to wear to the office and still feel like you are wearing a regular watch. 

If you have been a round for a while then y'all know Ben is an old soul and one of his favorite purchases lately is a record player. He loves it and plays it often. He love all the old country music. 

So this was a random airport purchase when we were on a trip and realized we forgot chargers. It has been the best charger and now I have one and love it. This charger goes everywhere with both of us. Great gift for that friend that loves to run down their phone battery. 

Y'all know that Ben loves his Yeti Lowball for his bourbon drinks. This one is great and he reaches for it every time.  

I mentioned late last year that Ben's sales team gave him a personalized bourbon barrel and he LOVED it. His rule is that if you drink for it, you have to add a single barrel bourbon to it. 


Y'all we have purchased several charing stations and this one by far is the BEST!! I lay my phone on one part, then AirPods, and last my Apple Watch. It works perfect every night. 


Ben doesn't show a lot of excitement toward a cup but this one he made a point to show me so I ordered it immediately for him.  

Y'all I am a pen snob but Ben puts me to shame. He loves his Montblanc but these pens get his stamp of approve. 

Ben loves his coffee and he takes his 30oz rambler every morning to work. 

I love this machine. Like I said, Ben loves his coffee so he loves to step it up a notch with 2 shots of espresso each morning. This machine is fantastic.

Let me know what the man in your life would love for Christmas! 

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