Our Week with Thanksgiving, Shopping, and a Golf Tournament

 Hey Y'all! How was your Thanksgiving break? I am recapping ours...

Monday, November 21st- 

This mom woke up with a 102.2 fever and Ian's was 102.5 so we took Motrin and went back to bed while Ben went to work and Ella slept through it all! HA 

Once the medicine kicked in, I was up and cleaning. Slowly but was trying to be productive. 

This was Trixie trying to enjoy that little bit of sunshine. 

Once my medicine wore off, I needed a break and Trixie sure did not complain when I crawled back into bed. 😉

Ella and I went to pick up the Boston Butts that she sold for FFA. 

Ben brought home CFA for dinner and I took another dose of NyQuil and CRASHED! 

Tuesday, November 22nd- 

I was feeling a little bit better, so I dropped Ella off at a basketball at 9am. Then I went to run all the errands. Dropped off all the Boston Butts, Picked up the ham, ran by Striplings, and Publix. 

Ian and Kathryn went to lunch and brought home a real tree for the back deck which included COLORED lights. They know I hate colored lights so I swear they love them in spite of me! HA! 

Ian went to pick up Ella, we hung out, Ian and Kathryn went to her house for dinner, while I ordered pizza for us for dinner. I worked on a few blog post and finally called it a night! 

Wednesday, November 23rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ben to work, I enjoyed a slow morning and then Ella and I headed to the nail salon! Ben wasn't feeling good now so he stayed home from work and rested. 

I worked on getting my stuff ready for Thanksgiving, Ella went to spend the night with my sister, and again we crawled into bed. 

Thursday, November 24th- 

Happy Thanksgiving. We got busy getting everything cooked and ready to take to my mom's house for lunch. We just got finished eating and found out that my grandmother passed away. As much, as we are going to miss her here on earth, we rejoice in knowing that she is with Jesus and PawPaw. Oh what a Thanksgiving afternoon they enjoyed! 

We got home from my mom's and around 4:00, Colleen, Chris, and Turtle came over for another Thanksgiving celebration. 

I didn't even take one picture. It was a whirlwind of a day. 

Friday, November 25th- 

We got up, got ready, and headed to Target with Leigh Anne and Bailey. Ran to Michael's and Pet Smart. Then the 4 of us went to lunch and Ella and I came home. We were both coughing our heads off so we welcomed home. 

The rest of the day, I spent playing catch up on blog post, laundry, cleaning up the craft room, all while making sure I have everything ready for our upcoming Disney Trip on Wednesday. 

Saturday, November 26th- 

It was coffee and the guys headed to the golf course for round 1 of Ian's tournament. While I tackled the craft room....

I worked in here until 11:45, showered quickly, and ran downstairs for the GA/GA Tech game. WE  WON!! 

I worked on a few more blog post, made veggie soup, did all the laundry, and watched The Holiday TWICE!! 

Crashed into bed. 

Sunday, November 27th- 

Ben and Ian headed back to the course for Ian's second round and he WON! 

Have a great week! 

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