Our Weeks with Golf Tournaments, Reality, Halloween, and Decorating for Christmas

 Happy Thursday Y'all!! I am playing catch up with all the blog post. I am recapping the weeks of October 24th-30th and October 31st-November 6th. 

Monday, October 24th- 

Kids went to school and Ben and I went to his golf tournament. I didn't take any pictures. But after his tournament, we went to Rafferty's for a late lunch / early dinner. 
I sent out LA's invitation, finished Ian's Senior Ad, and CRASHED! 

Tuesday, October 25th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Then I went to volunteer at The Oasis. I had a 12pm nail appointment and all the errands before Ben and I left early Wednesday morning. 

But the kids did come for dinner. Yes, I am that mom that snuck pictures through the blinds. 

Wednesday, October 26th-30th-

Scottsdale, AZ for Ben's Presidents Trip. I will recap tomorrow. 

Monday, October 31st- 

Coffee, Jesus, kids to school, and then all the things to catch up from being gone. clean house, laundry, grocery list, and grocery shopping....

I was so happy to be back to my reality...

Ella went to Young Life and Ian went to Kathryn's. Ben and I handed out candy. 

Tuesday, November 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. Then I had a schedule mammogram. The results came back and everything was clear. 

Then it was home to put up Fall/Halloween decorations and bring up all the Christmas decorations. 

By Tuesday afternoon, I had my tree up. 

Trixie was a lot of help. 😉

I sent this picture to Ben and he said "Oh Shit" 

It was a great view that evening. 

Wednesday, November 2nd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Dogs to Groomer. Then I came home to work on putting out more Christmas decorations. 

Look at the ornaments I bought the kids including Kathryn. 

Another evening, another great view by the tree. 

Thursday, November 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, Then I went to volunteer at The Oasis. Then I had lunch with Ian and then I ran a few errands and Ian went to the course. 

Home to chill and crash. 

Friday, November 4th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. and Trixie tucked into the blankets. 

I went to early vote. 

Look who was in our little town. 

and yes he got my vote. 

Friday evening we went to Conyer's last football game. It was bittersweet. 

Saturday, November 5th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Guys to the course, and I dropped Ella off at the farmers market to work for her ag hours, picked up a box of chicken, dropped off pumpkins at our favorite farm for the pigs. 

Then it was home to watch the GEORGIA game. 

and look who WON! 

 Sunday, November 6th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to course, then girls to breakfast and the course. 

We love watching our favorite player. 

Love our Winner. 

Such a busy but fun TWO weeks!! 

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