Hello Monday....

Hello Monday and Hello Thanksgiving Break! We are so excited to not have to set an alarm, pack lunches and snacks, do homework, etc!! We just get to spend LOTS of time together~~ So EXCITED!! 

Well tell me share with y'all our awesome weekend!! How was your weekend? 

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Friday started with A Book Character Parade for Miss. Priss...She went as Hermione! I made sure we got LOTS of uses out of that robe! HA

I'm loving the "jean on jean" 
Getting ready for the parade to start! 
I had a very excited Hermione. The high school marching band came and lead the parade! The kids think it is the coolest thing ever!! 
She was trying to find me:)

Silly girl! HA

Friday evening, I worked the concession stand for the middle school basketball game while my other 3 watched the game!! 

Saturday Morning.....We headed to Athens to watch our DAWGS play!! 

We tailgated at 8:00 in the morning! Our wonderful hubbies fixed us breakfast! 
Ben and Jud 
The kiddos enjoying breakfast! 
Ella and Addison in their UGA gear! 
Playing football while we cleaned up breakfast! 

After everything was cleaned up and put back in the cars, we headed to the Dawg Walk! 
(It's where you can watch the players get off the bus and walk into the stadium)

Here they come~ 
Hopefully she will become a Bulldog one day! :) 
If you look right above the man in the red cap...
It's Eason- Our Freshman Quarterback! 

Next we took pictures by the stadium! 
Conyer, Ian, Ella, and Addison! 
The Smith's 
The Bramlett's 

Love this girl! :) 
The girls got airbrushed tattoos before the game~ 

We made it to our seats in time to watch the guys warm up! 

Singing the National Anthem 
Fighter Jet flew over the stadium! 
It's a privilege to wear red and black! 

The best part of the whole game...besides us WINNING......
The mascot.....UGA! I just LOVE him! 

And the newest bulldog.....
We ran into Cory and Melissa at the game! Melissa found out Friday that she was accepted to UGA in the Fall! Y'all that is huge to be accepted to UGA as a freshman! It's the second hardest school in GA to be accepted as a freshman!! SO PROUD OF HER!! 

My silly silly Ella!! 

We had the BEST day at the game with The Smith's! Oh and DAWGS WIN!!! :) 

Saturday night, we went to Talia and Ryan's house for Ryan's 40th Birthday!! It was a BLAST!! 
Noah and Ian! Noah is the middle of Talia's 4 boys! Noah and Ian are 6 months apart but look at the height difference!! :) I guess I am raising giants! 

Sunday we went to church, had lunch with The Boswell's, Grammy, and Grandaddy! 
Then this happened....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Bramlett house! 
My goal is to get everything finished today:) 

Duke just LOVES when the Christmas decorations come out.....NOT! HA 

Well I am off to finish decorating for Christmas, Work on Etsy orders, and some what clean my house with both kids home all week! 
Wish me luck! 

Hope you have an AWESOME Monday!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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