Hello Monday | Spring Break Edition

Well Hello, Monday and Hello Struggle Bus... Last week we were on Spring Break and it was just what we needed! We went to the lake with some of our best friends and had a great time even though the weather was rather cold most days!!

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I will go ahead and let you know that I am recapping our whole week in this one post so be prepared for picture OVERLOAD! #sorry 

Monday,  we went to lunch with my mom and then to visit my grandparents. 

Ian got with Grammy and Granddaddy to get Ben a new pair of golf shoes for his birthday. So while I was grocery shopping Ian and Ella set up a "golf course" for Ben to find his present. 

Ian wrapped his shoes. 

Tuesday, started off with coffee and Sophie! Then, I cleaned the whole house and packed! That evening around 6:00 we headed to the lake. 

Wednesday, started off with coffee and a golf cart ride with two of my favorite girls. Ella and LuLu

We practiced our french braiding skills. 

We finally got up enough courage to go out on the boat. 

and tube in the FREEZING cold. 

But at least we had one handsome driver. 😉

After the kids defrosted they hung out in their Enos. 

We went back out for an afternoon boat ride. 

LOVE these sweet kiddos! They made a lot of great memories on this trip! 

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets 

and wine 😉

Sunset boat rides all bundled up to stay warm. 

We came in, took HOT showers and applied a mask. 

Thursday, was the warmest day by far. 

The kids paddled boarded and rode on the canoes. Even LuLu wanted in on the action. 

Our sun bathing beauties....

They got up the nerve to tube again.

and finished the evening with another canoe ride. 

Friday, we watched LuLu play in the water. 

Enjoyed the freezing cold water AGAIN 😉

watched another amazing sunset and tubed again. 

Loved on LuLu. 

We ended the evening singing Happy Birthday to our FAVORITE Guy! (I forgot candles 😆) 

Saturday was very gloomy so we didn't go out on the boat. We just relaxed, watched movies, read books, talked, and were just plain lazy! We loved every minute of it!! I didn't take one picture. 

Sunday morning we packed up, drove home, grocery shopped, laundry, meal prepped all to get ready for the week! 

So how was your weekend??

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