Monthly Goals | April 2018

Another Month, Another set of GOALS!!

I'm excited to share April's goals but first, let's see how I did for March! 

X 1. Lose 5 pounds. SO CLOSE... I lost 4.4 pounds this month. 
2. Continue meal prepping. EVERY SUNDAY! Meal Prepping is such a lifesaver! 
3. Finalize plans for Spring Break. We leave for the lake TONIGHT! 
X 4. Deadlift 150 lbs. We only deadlifted 1 other time this month and I wasn't even close to 150! EEK! 

X 1. Decide on a summer vacation destination. NOPE! But we need to do that ASAP! 
2. Come up with a Spring Fun List.   YEP! You can read our fun list here! 
3. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day I don't know that we celebrated but I decorated the bar cart for the occasion. 
4. Play LOTS of Golf  My peeps played A LOT of GOLF this month! 

1. Make 25 sales. I made 36 sales this month! I know for most that is not a lot but I'm happy with that #! 
2. Add summer items to shop. YES! you can see all the new items here. 
X 3. Add Teacher gifts to shop. NOPE! I have a few ideas in my head that I hope to make next week. 
4. Work on wood signs. YES! You can see all my wood signs here. 

1. Try to work ahead on post. Yes, and it felt so GOOD! It might have just been photographs but I did work ahead. 
2. Start a "How I Organize" series. YES! You can see that here and I plan to share more in the next few weeks. 
X 3. Reach out to 2 companies to work with. NO! and I don't think I want too. I have worked with a few companies and it STRESSED me out! 
4. Book Review post.  YES! You can read it here! 

Now let's look at APRIL! 


1. Lose 5 pounds
2. Complete Emily Ley's Decluttering Challenge. 
3. Donate to Goodwill
4. Plan and Plant my Pots/Garden

1. Work on Spring Fun List
2. Celebrate Ben's Birthday
3. Enjoy Spring BReak
4. Family Get Together with my Family

1. Post 2-3 Organization Post
2. Add more Fashion Post
3. Post Twice Daily to IG
4. Share post on Pinterest 

1. Make 40 Sales
2. Add Graduation Wine Glasses/Gifts
3. Work on updating 10 listings.
4. Post Twice DAily to IG 

What do you hope to accomplish this month? Are you a goal setter? 

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